RS Jiwa Mutiara Sukma

This psychiatric hospital is one of the health establishments of the province of Nusa Tenggara Barat. The hospital is situated on the Jalan Ahmad Dani no. 1 at Mataram (Lombok) and has been classified as a category B hospital (reg. code: 5271054) and has got 105 beds. Its geological coordinates are (Latitude: -8,58 and Longitude: 116,15.

The following history of this psychiatric hospital was recorded by the hospital itself. It has been Google Translated and abbreviated.copied, translated and abbreviated from the website of the hospital:

Mataram Mental Hospital (RSJ) was established based on a letter of appointment of the Director General of Health Services dated October 31, 1983 No. 17867 / Yankes / DKJ / 1983 to PT. Yodya Karya, Jl. D.I Panjaitan No.8 Cawang Jakarta and his Representative in West Nusa Tenggara Province as Planning Consultants, with the task of making a Master Plan for Mataram Mental Hospital and making designs / tender documents and providing explanations in "aanwijzing". Mataram Mental Hospital was established with the consideration that the Selebung Mental Hospital (regional property) could not be developed due to its remote location and the building did not meet the requirements as a hospital.

Funding for the construction of the Mataram Mental Hospital came from the 1982/1983 Development Budget, started operating on 27 October 1987, inaugurated 27 January 1990 by the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia (Mr. Dr. Adhyatma MPH). At the beginning of operation, it only served outpatient care as well as an emergency unit. Inpatient services were only implemented in 1988/1989 with 2 treatment rooms (Mawar and Melati Room). The organizational structure of the Mataram Mental Hospital was originally a Class C Mental Hospital based on a decree. MenKes: 395 / MenKes / SK / VI / 1989 dated 19 June 1989. Mataram Mental Hospital was originally planned to be a Class B Mental Hospital, for this reason Selebung Mental Hospital was integrated with Mataram Mental Hospital and became Mataram Class B Mental Hospital based on the Decree of the Minister of Health RI Number: 656 / Menkes / SK / X / 1991 dated 30 October 1991.
In 1991, RSJ Mataram increased its inpatient service capacity with the addition of 2 treatment rooms (angsoka and Dahlia rooms) and in 1996 again expanded the treatment room by building a rehabilitation room (sandat room), emergency room, nutrition and IPRS, generator room and incenerator. In 2000 a special room for drug therapy and rehabilitation was built and in 2004 it was developed and inaugurated as a drug rehabilitation center "One Stop Center (OSC)", two years later (2005) RSJ Mataram built the Bale Matahari VCT clinic and most recently in 2007 the construction of a treatment room class I and II (Flamboyan room) to replace the Angsoka room which was previously class I and II. As of December 2009, the Provincial RSJ already has 6 treatment rooms, 1 rehabilitation room and an emergency room. Before regional autonomy, RSJ Mataram was a special hospital belonging to the central government and since regional autonomy in 2001, RSJ Mataram belonged to the Regional Government and was the Regional Technical Implementation Unit (UPTD) of the NTB Provincial Health Office based on Regional Regulation No.13 of 2001. Since August 2008 based on Regional Regulation No. 8 of 2008 RSJ Mataram changed its status to a Regional Technical Institution (LTD) with the name Provincial RSJ which is an element of special mental health services that is under and responsible to the Governor through the Regional Secretary and is technically operational in coordination with the Head of the Health Service with the status of a Special Hospital Class B.
Since it was inaugurated in 1990 until now, the Provincial RSJ has changed its leadership 5 times, following the leadership period of the Mataram-RSJ Provincial RSJ:

1. Year 1987 - 1990: Dr. Haryono Padmosudiro, SpKJ

2. Years 1990 - 1999: Dr. Ngadiono Hastering, SpKJ

3. Year 1999 - 2004: Dr. Helmy Azhar, SpKJ

4. Years 2004 - 2006: Dr. Endro Suprayitno, SpKJ

5. Years 2007 - 2019: Dr. Elly Rosila Wijaya, SpKJ., MM.

6. Year 2019 - Present: Dr. Evi Kustini Somawijaya


Name of Hospital: Provincial RSJ
Owner: NTB Provincial Government
Address: Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 1 Selagalas – Mataram 
Phone: 0370 671515 - 672140
Fax: 0370 671515
Class: B
Number of Beds: 100 TT

The geological location is : Latitude: -8,58 and Longitude: 116,15.