RS Jiwa Prof.dr. Hasan Basri Saanin


This psychiatric hospital is one of the medical establishments of the province of Sumatera Barat. The hospital is classified as a category A hospital
( 1371316) It has a bed capacity of 314 beds. The hospital has 369 employees, of whom 20 medical doctors (3 psychiatrists and 1 neurologist),
6 psychologists, 171 nurses, 19 pharmacy assistants, 59 assistants kitchen en technical services and 72 persons working in housekeeping, personnel and administrative jobs, including management.
For further information you may consult the website of the hospital:

The hospital is located on the Jalan Raya Ulu Gadut at Padang, geographic coordinates: Latitude -0,94 and Longitude 100,46.

The hospital itself describes a short history of the organization, which may be found on the website just mentioned.

The following is  a Google translated and abbreviated version:

In 1932 in Padang there were two shelters for the mentally ill. The first location behind the House. The Army Hospital in Parak Pisang (Now Reksodiwiryo Army Hospital) is referred to as “Doorganghuis voor Krankzinnigen”, and it is part of Militaire Hospital and the second location in the current RSJ, known as the Ulu Gadut Djiwa Hospital Colony (KOSD). In Ulu Gadut, mentally ill people carry out agricultural activities (rice fields, fields and plantations). After it was inaugurated in 1932 it was called the Parak Pisang Mental Hospital, and Ulu Gadut was the place for the Djiwa Hospital Colony. During the 1945 Revolution, there was a complete displacement of mentally ill people from Parak Pisang to KOSD Ulu Gadut because the situation was increasingly unsafe. And January 21, 1947, when the Dutch aggression occurred again, evacuation / evacuation occurred because the situation was no longer safe from Ulu Gadut to Sawah Lunto. joined RSU Sawah Lunto (Head of the Hospital at that time Dr. H. Hasan Basri Sa`anin Dt. Tan Pariaman) then named Mental Hospital Hospital (RPSD).

In 1954, the wards were rebuilt and renovated at Ulu Gadut and the patients were gradually returned, and the KOSD was renamed the Ulu Gadut Mental Hospital. Since 1961 its status was changed to the Ulu Gadut Padang Mental Hospital (capacity 110 beds) and ended until 2000.
Based on the letter of the Minister of Health-Kesos RI No. 1735 / Menkes-Kesos / 2000 dated 12 December 2000 regarding the Transfer of UPT
where the ownership of Prof. Mental Hospital.
Dr.HB.Sa`anin Padang is under the regional government of West Sumatra Province. In carrying out the duties and activities of RSJ, it refers to the West Sumatra Provincial Regulation Number 7 of 2010 concerning the Organization and Work Procedure of Prof. Mental Hospital.
HB. Saanin Padang and West Sumatra Governor Regulation No. 6 of 2011 concerning Details of Main Duties, Functions and Administration of Prof. Mental Hospital. HB. Saanin Padang. And West Sumatra Governor Regulation Number: 440-538-2011.