RS Jiwa Prof.dr.Soerojo

This psychiatric hospital had been initiated in the 1920s. It was then called ‘Krankzinnigengesticht Magelang.’

Nowadays, the hospital is situated on Jalan Ahmad Yani no. 169 at Magelang (Jawa Tengah). Coordinates: Latitude:-7,44 and Longitude: 110,23.
The hospital is classified as a category A hospital ( 3371040) and has a capacity of 566 beds.
The hospital employs 926 persons, of whom 46 medical doctors, 435 nurses, 17 midwives, 9 psychologists, 28 pharmacy assistants, 104 members of the housekeeping and technical services and 287 for management and administrative support. 
The website of the hospital is: From this website we copied the following history (Google translated and abbreviated):

In 1916, Scholtens planned to build a “Krankzinningengesticht” (Mental Hospital) in Central Java.
It took 7 years to convince the Dutch East Indies government that this was worthy of being a hospital, finally in 1923 it was inaugurated as a Mental Hospital. Magelang Mental Hospital is located 4 kilometers from downtown Magelang, on the side of a highway connecting the cities: Yogyakarta, Semarang and Purworejo, surrounded by Mount Merapi, Merbabu, Andong and Telomoyo to the east, Ungaran to the north, Sumbing and Menoreh to the west and Tidar hill (“Pakunya island of Java”) in the south.
Originally the name was “Krankzinningengesticht Kramat”. After several changes in accordance with the development of time, both before and after independence, the name later became “Magelang Mental Hospital”. During the establishment of RSJ Magelang quite a lot experienced difficult times and bitter and sad events, including: In 1930, when Mount Merapi erupted violently, several wards had to be vacated to accommodate the victims of the Merapi eruption, but as a result there was a lot of damage to buildings and equipment, even missing.
On April 22, 1942, all workers were citizens of the Netherlands, including the director, dr. P.J. Stigter, was detained by the Japanese army resulting in a vacuum which disrupted the management of the Hospital. Hospital leadership during the Japanese era was dr. Soeroyo.
In the era after the Proclamation of Independence, the British-Gurkha-Nica occupying army entered Magelang. A tense atmosphere enveloped the Magelang
Mental Hospital, employees and residents guarding with sharpened bamboo, Magelang Mental Hospital was used as the post of PMI Magelang Utara branch.
The director’s house was used by the TKR headquarters. When the fighting in Secang and Ambarawa occurred, the Magelang Mental Hospital sent medicines and medical personnel.

In 1946-1950, Magelang Mental Hospital was still covered with an uncertain atmosphere, the function of the Mental Hospital could not run properly, several wards, especially the front in those years, were used for TKR dormitories, ALRI, train family shelters, evacuation of residents around the hospital.
It was also stated that the Hygiene office was once located at the Magelang Mental Hospital during that period, the Magelang Mental Hospital was sometimes not spared as a battlefield or chaos. All of these conditions caused damage to buildings, destruction of plantation areas (coffee, sugar cane), loss of patient clothes, occupational therapy equipment and entertainment tools such as wayang and gamelan. During the Trikora and Dwikora period, it was also quite pronounced in Magelang Mental Hospital due to savings in spending budgets. To the extent that the yard around the ward needed to be planted with sweet potatoes, beans, etc.
For additional foodstuffs, part of the land (coffee plantation) was taken over by the Defense and Security, so that from then on, the area that was originally 82,975 Ha became 74,138 Ha. However, with the existence of Repelita, the condition of the Magelang Mental Hospital has gradually improved in all areas. However, there are still things that cannot be returned to their original state, for example: Fishery cannot be carried out anymore because the Magelang Mental Hospital area can no longer reach adequate irrigation flow. In the framework of Repelita RSJ Magelang received a land area for the supply of clean water of 0.945 Ha. Previously, clean water was obtained from PAM Magelang but since the Japanese era it has not worked anymore.
The area of ​​the Magelang Mental Hospital in 1993 was reduced again from 74,138 hectares, now only about 40 hectares are left, this is due to government policies
(in this case the Ministry of Health) to provide welfare to employees. The area was built for housing for employees of the Ministry of Health.
In 1978, RSJ Magelang was designated by the Government as Class A Central RSJ by a Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia. No.135 / Menkes / SK / IV / 1978. As a Technical Implementing Unit of the Health department, RSJ Magelang has the task of organizing and implementing health services, prevention of mental disorders, recovery and rehabilitation in the field of mental health.
On November 20, 2000, the name Magelang Mental Hospital was officially changed to Prof. Mental Hospital. Dr. Soerojo Magelang based on the Decree of the Minister of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic of Indonesia No. 1684 MENKES-KESSOS / SK / XI / 2000 concerning the Naming of Magelang Mental Hospital to become Prof. Mental Hospital. Dr. Soerojo.

based on the Decree of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia No. 278 / KMK.05 / 2007 dated 21 June 2007 and Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia No. 756 / Men.Kes / SK / VI / 2007 dated 26 June 2007, RSJ. Prof. Dr. Soerojo Magelang became a government agency under the Ministry of Health. RI by implementing the Public Service Agency (PPK BLU) Financial Management Pattern. In 2009 there was a demand from the community for comprehensive health services. Dr. Soerojo Magelang by opening non-mental health services. This is reinforced by the Decree of the Director General of Medical Services Development of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, No.HK.03.05 / I / 441/09 concerning Permits to Implement Public Health Services at Prof. Mental Hospital. Dr. Soerojo Magelang. This decree regulates RSJ Prof. Dr. Soerojo Magelang to open public health services in the amount of 15% of the available beds. This service is equipped with specialist medical personnel including: surgeons, internal medicine specialists, pediatricians, obstetricians and gynecologists, neurologists, radiology specialists and anesthetists. This service is also supported by the operation of two (2) inpatient rooms, operating rooms, delivery rooms and other supporting facilities. However, Prof. RSJ. Dr. Soerojo Magelang continues to carry out main activities in the field of mental health services. Prof. RSJ condition. Dr. Soerojo Magelang at this time, Land area: 409,450 m2 Building area: 27,724 m2 Capacity: 500 beds Excellent mental health services for children and adolescents as a hospital, educational network as a cultural heritage site.