RS Jiwa Prof.dr.V.L. Ratumbusyang

This psychiatric hospital is one of the health establishments of the province of Sulawesi Utara. It is classified as a category B hospital and is registered under number 7171035. The hospital has at the moment (2018) a bed capacity of 180 beds.
The hospital has 344 employees. 51 are medical doctors, 2 psychologists, 159 nurses, 16 midwives, 18 pharmacy assistants, 44 therapeutical and technical assistants and 54 administrative and management employees.

The hospital is established at the Jl. Bethesda no. 77 at Manado. The geological location is: latitude: 1,46 and longitude: 124,83.

In former times there used to be a so-called “psychiatrisch verpleeghuis” (Psychiatric nursing home) at Manado.

The website of the hospital is:
From this website we copied a recent history of the hospital (Google translated and abbreviated)

After Merdeka, the North Sulawesi Region was merged with the Sulawesi Province, whose government position was in Makassar (See History of North Sulawesi Government). At that time all health activities were carried out in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Sulawesi Province in Makassar. In the early fifties, malaria hit Indonesia, including North Sulawesi, with a fairly high number of sufferers. So by the central government, the Malaria Service was established in each region. In 1960, based on Government Regulation No. 5 of 1960, Sulawesi Province was divided into two parts, namely South-Southeast Sulawesi Province and North-Central Sulawesi Province. The Governor of North-Central Sulawesi Province at that time was MR A.A. BARAMULI. In the early sixties the Indonesian government formed the MALARIA EXTENDATION OPERATION COMMAND which was inaugurated by the First President of the Republic of Indonesia, IR. SOEKARNO and known as KOPEM. KOPEM is tasked with making efforts to eradicate malaria. KOPEM operational financing, assisted by the US Government. In 1963 the KOPEM branch office was established in North Sulawesi and is located on Jalan Siswa. There is something that is quite decisive in KOPEM activities, namely that the funds cannot be disbursed because according to the regulations, the one who must receive the funds is the Head of the Institution who structurally represents the regional government in the health sector. In 1963 the Provincial Government of North-Central Sulawesi established the North Sulawesi Health Inspection Office which was well known as IKES with a wider supervisory function. I North Sulawesi and separated from North-Central Sulawesi Province with the first Governor being Lt. Col. FJ TUMBELAKA. North Sulawesi Province stretches from Miangas Island in the northern tip of Sangihe Talaud Regency to Molosipat in the western part of Gorontalo Regency bordering Central Sulawesi Province. With the formation of North Sulawesi Province, the Health Inspection Office is the only Health Institution in North Sulawesi province besides the Gunung Wenang General Hospital as a long-established Service Unit in Manado City. The Health Inspection Office is administratively responsible to the Governor of North Sulawesi, and technically it is functionally responsible to the Minister of Health. In 1965 there was a very heartbreaking event, namely the G.30.S PKI Incident which the entire Indonesian people could never forget. At that time the President of the Republic of Indonesia appointed PangDam XIII Merdeka BRIGADIR GENERAL SOENANDAR PRIJOSOEDARMO to serve as the Governor of the Regional Head of North Sulawewsi. When there was a disagreement between the Government of Indonesia and the Government of the United States, KOPEM was disbanded. Activities and health personnel assigned to KOPEM were transferred to health personnel at the Health Inspection Office (IKES). In 1967 BRIGADIR GENERAL H.V. WORANG was inaugurated as the Governor of the Provincial Head of North Sulawesi. To assist the Health Inspector’s duties, in 1968 the government formed two directorates, namely the Directorate of Eradication of Communicable Diseases and the Directorate of Health Development. The location of the Health Inspection office or IKES at that time was located in the North Sulawesi Provincial Government office complex, which is located around Bank Sulut now. In 1974 there was a change in the organizational structure and function within the North Sulawesi Provincial Government. The name of the Health Inspectorate was changed to Supervisor for the Head of the North Sulawesi Provincial Health Office. Over time, there were improvements in the organization and functions of government apparatus at the Provincial Level, so in 1975 the name of the Supervisory Organization for the Head of the North Sulawesi Provincial Health Office was changed to the North Sulawesi Provincial Health Office. The Health Office is an auxiliary element to the Provincial government in the Health Sector. As an auxiliary element to the Provincial government, all policies related to the implementation of health activities in the Province must refer to the provisions and laws in force in the regions, namely Regional Regulations, Governor Regulations and other regulations issued by the Governor as Head of Provincial Government. In 1976, according to central government policy in the field of deconcentration, all over Indonesia were established regional offices which represented the central government in the regions. Likewise, in North Sulawesi Province, in 1976 the Regional Office of the Ministry of Health of the Province of North Sulawesi was established in Manado and the Office of the Ministry of Health (KANDEPKES) in each district which is domiciled in each district capital.

The Regional Office of the Health Department of North Sulawesi Province carries out the task of guidance and control, licensing and registration of health personnel and institutions in the Province, while the Health Office carries out decentralization tasks. In 1999 the government issued Law No. 22/1999 on Regional Government and Government Regulation No. ,,, which regulates the organization of Regional apparatus. This regulation regulates, among other things, the deconcentration function which has been carried out by the Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Health, delegated to the Governor of North Sulawesi as the head of the region and carried out by the Health Office as an assistant element to the Governor. With this regulation, there was a merger of the duties and functions of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Health with the Health Office into a new Health Service Organization based on Law No. 22 of 1999. Thus all assets belonging to the Regional Office of the Health Ministry of North Sulawesi Province regarding Personnel, Equipment, Funding and documentation (P3D) is submitted to the Regional Government and belongs to the North Sulawesi Provincial Government. In 2001, with the deletion of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Health, part of its duties and functions were transferred to the North Sulawesi Provincial Health Office. Thus the Duties and Functions and responsibilities of the Health Office at this time are to carry out Decentralization, Deconcentration and Co-administered Tasks. Carrying out decentralized tasks is carrying out tasks in the health sector that have been submitted and their implementation becomes the responsibility of the region. Carrying out Deconcentration tasks, namely the duties and responsibilities of the Central Government, in this case the Ministry of Health, which has been submitted to the Governor as Head of the region and carried out by the Provincial Health Office. Carrying out assistance tasks which are the responsibility of the central government and implemented in the regions in coordination with the Regional Government but the responsibility remains with the Central Government, namely the Ministry of Health. The implementation of technical activities for health programs in the regions still refers to the provisions of the Government of Indonesia’s laws, namely the Health Law, Government Regulations in the Health sector, Ministerial Regulations as well as technical instructions and guidelines for implementing technical activities set by the Ministry of Health. In order to trace or trace the establishment of the Health Office in North Sulawesi Province, a brief note on the existence of the North Sulawesi Provincial Health Office, North Sulawesi Provincial Health Leaders (Kanwil and Health Office) from time to time and a snippet of the success of these Health Leaders are written , with the aim of providing actual, accurate and reliable information to all levels of health as well as to all people in North Sulawesi Province in particular and the people of Indonesia in general.