RS Jiwa Sambang Lihum

This psychiatric hospital is part of the provincial health establishments of the province of K alimantan Selatan. It is classified as a category A hospital ( 6304016) and has a capacity of 300 beds.The hospital is situated on the Jalan Gubernur Syarkawi no. KM 39. The geographic coordinates are:
Latitude: -3,45 and Longitude: 114,71.

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The hospital itself recorded its history as follows: (translated and abbreviated):

HISTORY RS Sambang Lihum Mental Hospital is located in the area of ​​Peat District, Banjar Regency with an area of ​​± 10 hectares, standing on peatland and far from residential areas. This hospital is 600 m from Jl. Governor Syarkawi Km 3,9. Jalan Governor Syarkawi is a road crossing South Kalimantan - Central Kalimantan. The Sambang Lihum Mental Hospital, previously known as Tamban Mental Hospital, is located in Tamban District, Barito Kuala Regency. In 2007, the hospital was relocated to a new place and the name was changed to the Sambang Lihum Mental Hospital. The history and development of the Mental Hospital can be described as follows: 1. 1951 Previously, the Mental Hospital was a Colony of Mental Illness (KOSJ), this place functions as a shelter for mentally ill people. The capacity at that time could only accommodate 30 male patients. 2. Year 1953 There is a collaboration with the Governor of South Kalimantan (Dr. Murjani) and the Health Inspectorate (Dr. Mursito) to build a ward for mental disorders with a capacity of 60 patients and 2 simple official houses. 3. Year 1967 From the form of KOSJ, it was upgraded to become Tamban Central Mental Hospital under the leadership of the Director of the Banjarmasin Mental Hospital. 4. Year 1978 Based on the Minister of Health Decree No. 135/78 - SOTK Mental Hospital Tamban designated as Type C Mental Hospital 5. Year 1991 Tamban Mental Hospital is led directly by the Director based on Decree No. 3385 / KANWIL / SK / TU-1 / XII / 1991 dated 31 December 1991. 6. Year 2000 April 14, 2000 in the implementation of Regional Autonomy, the handover of P3D by the South Kalimantan Provincial Government to the Batola Regency Government. December 12, 2000 the transfer of UPT Depkes to Batola SK No. 1735 / Men. Kes. Sos / XI / 2000. On March 7, 2000 there was a revised Decree of the Minister of Health concerning the Handover of the Tamban Mental Hospital to the Provincial Government of South Kalimantan.
7. Year 2001 On July 1, 2001, Tamban Mental Hospital officially belongs to the Government of South Kalimantan Province, stipulated by PERDA No. 18 of 2001. On 22 November 2001, the Tamban Mental Hospital was upgraded from Class C to Class B based on the Decree of the Minister of Health No. 1233 / MENKES / SK / XI / 2001. 8. Year 2004 The Governor's Recommendation regarding the Relocation of Tamban Mental Hospital to Jalan Governor Syarkawi Km 17 North Rim dated May 7, 2004 No. 440/0771 / Kesra-2004, which previously received recommendations from: a. Director General of Medical Services MOH RI No: Yan / 02.04 / 2.1 / 1999 b. South Kalimantan Provincial DPRD on November 26, 2001 9. Year 2007 The relocation activity was carried out in stages, around May-August 2007. Governor of South Kalimantan Decree Number 188.44 / 0233 / Kum / 2007 dated June 19, 2007 concerning the Name of the Sambang Lihum Mental Hospital. 10. Year 2008 On August 14, 2008, the Sambang Lihum Mental Hospital was inaugurated by the Governor of South Kalimantan, H. Rudi Arifin 11. Year 2009 July 1, 2009, Decree of the Minister of Health No.HK.07.06 / III / 2441/2009 concerning the Approval of the Change of Name from Tamban Mental Hospital to Sambang Lihum Mental Hospital and granting permanent permission to South Kalimantan Province to operate a mental hospital with the name Rumah Mental Illness Sambang Lihum. July 28, 2009, Decree of the Minister of Health No. 580 / MENKES / SK / VII / 2009 concerning Class Upgrading of the Sambang Lihum Mental Hospital, designated as a Regional Special Hospital with an A classification. On 31 August 2009, Ratification of PERDA No.23 of 2009 concerning the Organization and Work Procedure of RSJD Sambang Lihum.