RS Jiwa Prof.dr. Muhammad Ildrem


This psychiatric hospital is one of the health establishments of the province of Sumatera Utara. The hospital is classified as a category A hospital ( 1275221). The hospital is situated on the Japan Tali Air no. 21 at Medan. Geolographical: Latitude 3,52 and Longitude 98,63. The hospital has got a capacity of 450 psychiatric beds.

You may consult the website of the hospital: for additional information. About the history of the hospital this website mentions a number of developments (Google translated and abbreviated):

Prof. Mental Hospital. Dr. Muhammad Ildrem was founded in 1935 where the Dutch established “Doorgangshuizen Voor Krankzinnigen” (Mental Hospital) in
Glugur Medan, as the 5th Mental Hospital and initially this mental hospital only had a capacity of 26 beds until the Japanese occupation in 1943.
In 1950 people with mental disorders were transferred by Dutch soldiers to the former Harrison and Crosfield Hospitals, and some were accommodated at
Pematang Siantar Prison House.
In 1950-1958, the Psychiatry Polyclinic was opened, which is an annex to the Pematang Siantar Mental Hospital, located on Jalan Timor No. 19 Medan.
From 1958 to 1982 the Dutch-owned hospital (ZiekenVerpleging) was located on Jl. Timor No. 10 Medan is used as the Medan Mental Hospital.
On February 5, 1981, based on the Letter of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Number 1987 / Yankes / DKJ / 78 and with the approval of the
Minister of Finance dated December 8, 1978 Number s849 / MK / 001/1978 Medan Mental Hospital was moved to a new location, namely Jl. Lt. Gen. Djamin Ginting Km. 10 / Jl. Tali Air No. 21 Medan.
Then it was inaugurated on October 15, 1981 by the Minister of Health, Dr. Suwardjono Suryaningrat. In accordance with Law no. 22 of 1999 concerning Regional Government, the Medan Mental Hospital which previously was one of the UPT Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia 
has been submitted to the North Sumatra Provincial Government (Governor Decree No. 061-437-K / T). Then in accordance with the Regional Regulation Number 8 of 2004, and the Decree of the Governor of North Sumatra Number 188.34 / 2641 / K / 2004, concerning the guidelines for the Implementation of Regional Regulations of the Province of North Sumatra, the Medan Central Mental Hospital changed its name to the Regional Mental Hospital of North Sumatra Province. On February 7, 2013 according to the Regional Regulation of the Province of North Sumatra Number 1 of 2013 with the joint approval of the Regional Representative Council of the Province of North Sumatra and the Governor of North Sumatra, the name Regional Mental Hospital of North Sumatra Province changed its name to Prof. Mental Hospital. Dr. Muhammad Ilderm. From the beginning of moving the location of Prof. Mental Hospital. Dr. Muhammad Ilderm from Jalan Timor to Jalan Jamin Ginting / Jl. Water rope from 1981 to 2015 this mental hospital has experienced a lot of developments, both in terms of facilities and infrastructure, the quality and quantity of hospital staff, both medical and non-medical, and services that are always improved every year. It is evident from the results of interviews conducted by the author and also research conducted by hospitals regarding the Community Satisfaction Index for services provided by the hospital. The development of this hospital can occur for the realization of the hospital’s vision and mission to become the best professional center for mental health services in Sumatra.

5.2. Suggestion 1. Prof. Mental Hospital. Dr. Muhammad Ilderm continues to provide the best service for patients, supports the patient’s recovery and encourages the family of patients who take care of Prof. Mental Hospital. Dr. Muhammad Ilderm. 2. All staffing staff of Prof. Mental Hospital. Dr. Muhammad Ilderm and his staff maintain a friendly and open attitude towards all levels of society. 3. Improve facilities and infrastructure, quality and quantity of medical personnel, and health services to maintain the capacity of hospital health services and play an important role in maintaining the mental health of the people of North Sumatra.