RSK Jiwa Dr.H.Marzoeki Mahdi

This psychiatric hospital is owned by the Ministery of Health (Kemkes) and is established in the province of Jawa Barat. It originated from the first psychiatric hospital in Indonesia: the “Krankzinnigengesticht Buitenzorg” that was established as soon as 1882.

Nowadays, the first psychiatric hospital of Indonesia is still established in Kota Bogor and ressorts under the Ministry of Health. It is classified as a category A hospital. In general, a category A hospital has 400 + beds and at least 18 medical doctors. The Marzoeki Mahdi hospital is located on the Jalan dr. Sumeru no. 114, postal code 16111. Its registration number is 3271046. It has a capacity of 496 beds operational (2018). The director is dr. H. Bambang (2018).
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The geolographical situation is Latitude: -6,58333 and Longitude: 106,7807

The history is recorded by the hospital as follows (abbreviated and Google translated):


Dr. H Marzoeki Mahdi Bogor BLU Hospital is a national referral center for mental health services.
Founded in the Dutch colonial era on July 1, 1882, it was known as Het krankzinnigengesticht Buitenzorg.
Socio-economic and political changes in Indonesia have greatly affected the continuity of government organizations including the dr. H. Marzoeki Mahdi Bogor.
These changes can have an impact on the organizational structure to the status and position of the organization.
Dr. H. Marzoeki Mahdi Bogor must prepare himself with the available options, but the most important thing and must be done is to achieve independence
in providing and managing resources so that the continuity of the organization can be maintained.
Potential material resources and human resources in dr. H. Marzoeki Mahdi can be explored to increase the revenue needed for the continuity of the organization. Increasing the utilization of existing resources is an alternative option that must be tried to increase hospital income. This can be done by changing the perspective, that government organizations that were previously bureaucratic have become entrepreneurial organizations. Dr. H Marzoeki Bogor has a land area of ​​578, 765 m2 and a building area of ​​26,862 m2. The bed capacity was recorded to be 640 beds (TT), the distribution of beds based on services consisted of 483 TT psychiatric inpatients, 97 TT drug dependency recovery inpatients and 138 TT general inpatients, while based on class consisted of VIP and Main classes 45 TT (6.27%), class I 57 TT (7.10%), class II 57 TT (7.94%), class III 373 TT (51.95%) and special class 194 TT (26.94%) . In the future, the hospital is expected to grow into an organization that prioritizes professionalism in all fields. Professionalism will improve quality, become effective and efficient so that it will increase the productivity or performance of the hospital. This is very necessary to deal with situations that change rapidly and uncertainly.