Rumah Sakit Jiwa Daerah Provinsi Jambi

The recent history of this psychiatric hospital has been copied and translated from the website of the hospital that is situated on the Jalan Dr. Purwadi no. KM 9,5, Kota Jambi. Its geological location is Latitude: -1,61 and Longitude: 103,55. The website is:

The Regional Mental Hospital of Jambi Province is located in Kenali Besar Village, Alam Barajo District, Jambi City, the distance is approximately 9.5 Km to the west of Jambi City Center. This mental hospital originated from the Jambi Central Mental Hospital, which was built through the 1981/1982 Ministry of Health’s Mental Health Service Improvement Project Fund, built on a land area of ​​98.693 m2 with a building area of ​​3,366 m2 at that time. The operational inauguration by the Minister of Health, Dr. Soewarjono Surya ningrat, on February 15, 1983. On February 15, 1984, by the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, the Mental Hospital was designated as a class B mental hospital with a decree No. 350 / Menkes / SK / VII / 1984. This mental hospital has passed the KARS V (five) service accreditation in 2001 with the Ministry of Health’s Decree number: YM. dated 15 November 2001 and on 22 December 2011 with the Accreditation Commission Hospital Accreditation Number: KARS-SERT / 222 / XII / 2011, Then in 2017 the Regional Mental Hospital of Jambi Province was accredited from KARS 2012 version with the title Plenary, then following in 2019 the Mental Hospital was also fully accredited from KARS with the Snars version. Edition 1. Number: KARS-SERT / 1162 / XI / 2019 Valid from November 12, 2019 to November 11, 2022 Since regional autonomy, based on Regional Regulation No. 14 of 2002 concerning the Organization and Administration of the Jambi provincial mental hospital, the Jambi mental hospital, which was originally called the Jambi Central Mental Hospital, has changed to the Jambi Provincial Mental Hospital, according to its development in 2006 the number of beds is 150 beds.

Furthermore, in 2008 it became 200 beds, on November 1, 2012 the number of beds was set to 270 beds, in December 2013 it increased to 300 beds and finally in December 2015 to 340 beds. and in 2020 because the number of patients has decreased, the number of beds is set to be 290 TT with 13 TT Class 1 beds, 32 TT Class 2 and 245 TT Class 3. The Hospital Operational Permit has been renewed by the Regional Investment Agency Office and the Jambi Province Integrated Licensing Service number: 16/1500/10 / I.2012. Furthermore, in 2019 the Regional Mental Hospital of Jambi Province changed to a Special UPTD in accordance with Government Regulation Number 72 of 2019, where the RSJ has autonomy in the management of finances and regional property and the field of hospital staffing with the Provincial Health Office the responsibility is only limited to submitting reports implementation of financial management and regional property and personnel at the end of the year, then in accordance with Jambi Governor Regulation No. 31 of 2019 concerning the Organizational Structure of the main tasks and functions and work procedures of the Jambi Province Regional Mental Hospital, which the Director Changed from Esselon II.b to Eschelon III.a, with 1 Section and 2 Sections and 2 subsections and 2 sections, with 1 Section and 2 Sections Eschelon III.b and 2 Subdivisions and 2 Sections Eschelon IV.a