Rumah Sakit Jiwa Daerah Soedjarwadi



This is a specialist hospital for psychiatric patients. It is classified as a category A hospital (registration code:
3310026). The hospital has 199 beds and has a staff of 337 persons, of whom 19 medical doctors (3 psychiatrists),
131 nurses and 22 pharmacy personnel.
The hospital has a provincial statute and is situated on Jl. Ki Pandanaran KM 2 at Klaten (Province of Jawah Tengah).
(Coordinates: Latitude: -7,73 and Longitude: 110,58).
The website of the hospital is:
From this website we copied some additional information (Google translated and abbreviated)


  • Since 23 August 1953 as the Colony of Mental Illness (KOSJ), which is a satellite of the Mental Hospital Mangunjayan Surakarta and Kramat Magelang Mental Hospital. Serves as a shelter for mental and social rehabilitation patients who are already in the recovery phase (quiet period).
  • In 1972 an outpatient service was opened once a week, while the function as a shelter was upgraded to being inpatient. This is made possible by bringing in a mental specialist from RSJ Mangunjayan once a week.
  • With the issuance of the SK MENKES RI Number: 135 / SK / MenKes / IV / 78 of 1978 concerning the Organizational Structure and Work Procedure of Mental Hospitals, the KOSJ officially changed to a class B Mental Hospital.
  • Then according to Letter Number: 1732 / Menkes-Kessos / XII / 2000 dated December 12, 2000, this RSJ was handed over by the Central Government to the Provincial Government of Central Java.
  • In accordance with the recommendation of the Governor of Central Java Number: 445/6797/2000 dated June 28, 2000 regarding the change of the name of the Klaten Mental Hospital, furthermore by decree. Minister of Health & Social Welfare RI No.1681.A / MENKES KESSOS / SK / XI / 2000, then since November 20, 2000 the name Klaten Mental Hospital officially changed to RSJD Dr. RM. Soedjarwadi .
  • Designated as a Class A Special Hospital based on the Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia No.216 / Menkes / VI / 2013 dated 9 June 2013 concerning Class Determination of RSJD Dr. RM. Soedjarwadi belongs to the Central Java Provincial Government.


The acting Directors are:
1. Dr. RM Soedjarwadi: 1953 – 1965
2. Dr. Anna Janti: 1965 – 1980
3. Dr. H. Drijana, Sp.KJ: 1980 – 1985
4. Dr. H. Suryono Hadi, Sp.KJ: 1985 – 1994
5. Dr. R. Boedi Boedaja, AM, Sp.KJ: 1994 – 1999
6. Dr. H. Mohammad Roem, Sp.KJ, SIP: 1999 – 2003
7. Dr. H. Arif Zainudin, Sp.KJ: 2003 – 2004
8. Dr. H. Rh Budhi Muljanto, Sp.KJ: 2004 – 2006
9. Dr. Lilis Indriastuti, Sp.KJ: January – August 2006
10. Dr. H. Rh Budhi Muljanto, Sp.KJ: August-December 2006
11 Dr. HM. Sigit Wahyu Purnomo, Sp.KJ: December 2006 – June 2008
12. Dr. H. Endro Suprayitno, Sp.KJ: June 2008 – March 2011
13. Dr. Sugiharto, M.Kes, (MMR), SH: April 2011 –April 201
14. Dr. Tri Kuncoro, MMR: May 2013 – Present

Main Duties and Functions ( Central Java Governor Regulation No. 8 of 2008)

  • Organizing and implementing services, prevention, recovery and rehabilitation in the mental health sector in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations.


  1. Carry out preventive mental health services:
  2. Carrying out mental health service recovery efforts;
  3. Carrying out rehabilitation mental health services;
  4. Carrying out community mental health efforts;
  5. Implement a referral system (referral system).