Rumah Sakit Jiwa Kalaewa Atei



This specialist hospital is established to take care of psychiatric patients. It is classified as a category C Hospital
( 6272068) and has 52 beds. Quite recently it became a category B hospital with 75 beds. See News item below
The hospital is situated on Jalan Trans P. Raya Kuala Kurun KM 18 Bukit Rawa Village at Palangkaraya (Kalimantan Tengah). Coordinates: Latitude: -2,08 and Longitude: 113,94.
The hospital has a staff of  122 persons, of whom 14 medical doctors (2 psychiatrists), 3 psychologists, 32 nurses and 5 pharmacy personnel.

The website of the hospital is: http://www.rsj-kalawaatei.kalteng.go.

Additional information :

After changing types and obtaining an operational permit for a special class B hospital, patient visits to Kalwa Atei Mental Hospital continued to climb. Until August 2020, the hospital, which is located in Bukit Rawi Village, serves up to 500 outpatients. people per month. In addition, there are many other changes and improvements including service facilities after this Hospital changed its status to Type B.

To RRI, Acting Director of Kalwa Atei Mental Hospital, dr. Theodorus Sapta Atmaja, Friday (09/10/2020) revealed that after increasing the status from type C to type B, the hospital receives 500 outpatient visits a month on average. Until now, the hospital that serves people with mental disorders or ODGJ now has as many as 4601 psychiatric patients from various urban districts in Central Kalimantan. In addition, since changing to type B as well, this hospital now has 75 inpatient facilities, from the original 52 beds. As for the occupancy rate from January to August, there are 40 to 46 beds. Meanwhile, to serve the recovery of mental disorders at the regency level, Kalawa Atei Mental Hospital also continues to make visits to various districts.

“The goal is that districts that have not been reached and do not yet have psychiatrists can work together and be served by sending teams to the area,” he explained.

In fact, in order to maximize the recovery and healing of mental illness patients, Kalwa Atei Mental Hospital has also opened a program for handicrafts for patients such as making fans, wallets, decorative ornaments to making salted eggs. The main goal is that patients can be productive again and be able to move and socialize well and not be isolated by their environment. (NATA)