Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Kelet Provinsi Jawa Tengah

This hospital had some roots in former colonial times. See some statements on its history from its website:

Kelet Regional General Hospital is a hospital owned by the Government of Central Java Province. At its inception it was named the Kelet/Donorojo Leprosy Hospital. The Donorojo Leprosy Hospital was built around 1916 by the Dutch East Indies Government and managed by Zending. At that time, the aim of building the Donorojo Leprosy Hospital was for treatment and leposeri. The Donorojo Leprosy Hospital is located in Banyumanis Village, Donorojo District, Jepara Regency, with an area of ​​1,791,740 m2. Including the land in the rehabilitation village which is inhabited by 155 families. The Kelet Leprosy Hospital was built in 1915.

Nowadays the hospital is classified as a category C hospital (registration code: 3320021) with 197 beds. Its address is: 
In the 1950s, because Zending could no longer finance the operations of the Kelet Hospital and Donorojo Hospital, the management of the two hospitals was handed over to the Provincial Government of Central Java. Since then the two hospitals have become leprosy hospitals and their management is more leprosy. From 1978 to 1998 there were no full-time medical staff/doctors who managed the Hospital, the absence of doctors who managed full time made the quality of service and the possibility of developing the Hospital not receiving adequate assistance, so that the Hospital's functions could not be carried out effectively. well, even though there is a medical staff/doctor visit once a week from the Tugurejo Leprosy Hospital in Semarang.

Because of the things mentioned above, since 1999 steps have been taken to rearrange the service functions at the Kelet/Donorojo Leprosy Hospital and the possibility of "optimizing" facilities for public services. Due to the lack of a structure in the composition of human resources and a change in work culture, gradual improvement steps were taken which included the Initiation Phase, Transformation Phase and Integration Phase so that the steps taken by management were truly understood and supported by all employees.

Since 2006 Kelet Hospital has been based on Regional Regulation of Central Java Province Number 6 of 2006 concerning Formation, Position, Main Duties, Functions and Organizational Structure of Regional General Hospitals and Regional Mental Hospitals of Central Java Province. Then it was updated with the Regional Regulation of the Province of Central Java Number: 8 of 2008 concerning the Organization & Work Procedure of the Regional General Hospital and the Regional Mental Hospital of the Province of Central Java. The Kelet Regional General Hospital is a class C hospital, in accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Health number: 829/MENKES/SK/VII/2010 concerning Classification of the Kelet Hospital in Central Java Province as a Type C Hospital.

In 2012, based on a certificate issued by the Hospital Accreditation Commission Number KARS-SERT/745/VI/2012 dated June 29 2012, Kelet Hospital was declared to have passed Basic Level Accreditation, namely Administration and Management, Medical Services, Emergency Services, Services Nursing and Medical Records.

In addition, Kelet Hospital has implemented the Financial Management Pattern for the Regional Public Service Agency (PPK BLUD) in accordance with Central Java Governor Decree No. 901/151/2012 concerning Stipulation of Increasing the Status of Financial Management Patterns for Regional Public Service Bodies from Gradual to Full in Kelet Hospital, Central Java Province.