RSUD Kabupaten Indramayu

This hospital is owned by the kabupaten of Indramayu (Jawa Barat).
The hospital is classified as a category B hospital (registration number: 3212016) with 328 beds.
The staff of the hospital counts 688 persons, of whom 45 doctors (26 specialists), 300 nurses, 46 midwifes, 23 pharmacy personnel, 29 housekeeping and maintenance, 186 management and administration and 49 other occupations.
It is situated on Jalan Murahnara no. 7, Sindang, Kabupaten Indramayu.
The coordinates are: Latitude:-6,329 and Longitude: 108,32

The website of the hospital is:

From this website we copied a few statements on the history of the hospital (Google translated and abbreviated):

RSUD Indramayu is a regional general hospital located in Pasekan, Indramayu City. The year 1917 when the Dutch government established a hospital was the beginning of the establishment of the Regional General Hospital (RSUD) of Indramayu Regency. The establishment of the hospital at that time was used to accommodate and treat victims of war. Over time, the hospital also experienced a shift in function, becoming a hospital that serves outpatient and inpatient care as well as for education from various groups of people, both capable and poor. Then in 1950 the Indramayu District Hospital became the property of the Indramayu District Government as a type D hospital that only served patients, all of whom were still handled by general practitioners. After the existence of several specialist doctors the status of the Indramayu District Hospital increased to type C. In the period 2003 to 2008 Indramayu Hospital implemented a self-funded financial management system based on the Regional Regulation of Indramayu Regency No. 6 of 2003 concerning the determination of the Indramayu Regional Hospital to become a regional self-funded general hospital. In 2009 RSUD Indramayu was designated as a Regional Public Service Agency Hospital (PPK-BLUD) in stages through the Decree of the Regent of Indramayu No. 445/Kep.300A-Keu/2009 dated January 14, 2009 concerning the Determination of the Financial Management Pattern of the Regional Public Service Agency at the Regional General Hospital of Indramayu Regency. Through the Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Number: HK.03.05/I/523/2011 dated February 21, 2011 concerning Class Determination of the Regional General Hospital of Indramayu Regency, the status of Indramayu Regional Hospital was increased to type B. Indramayu Regency Hospital was designated as Full PPK-BLUD in 2011 with the issuance of the Decree of the Regent of Indramayu No. 445/Kep.180-Huk/2011 dated August 11, 2011 concerning Stipulation of Improvement of Financial Management Pattern Status of Regional Public Service Agency (PPK-BLUD) Regional General Hospital of Indramayu Regency. As a Type B Hospital, which carries the responsibility as a referral hospital in the Indramayu Regency area, the Indramayu Regency Hospital is required to improve the quality of services, types of services and the reach of health services. The vision of the Indramayu District Hospital is to become the best referral hospital in the Cirebon, Indramayu, Majalengka, Kuningan areas in 2021. The mission of the Indramayu District Hospital is to provide quality and complete health services according to accreditation standards. Hospital Management
Breakthrough (2015)

Starting from the idea of ​​Mr. H. Mastika Yahya had a concept to build a clinic, in the course of development the concept was finally changed and decided to continue the construction into a HOSPITAL. Supported by a social spirit, MM Indramayu Hospital is expected to be a mandate for the people of Indramayu to turn the INDRAMAYU COMMUNITY TOWARDS HEALTHY.
MM Indramayu Hospital at a glance

The Company was founded in, under the name of PT. BHARATI PUTRI MANDIRI which is engaged in health services (HOSPITALS). PT. BHARATI PUTRI MANDIRI is included in the MM Group, while the companies that are included in the MM group list include:
MM Group is engaged in Oil & Gas : SPBE, SPPBE, Oil & Gas Transportation Fleet, Tractors, General Trading, General Trading and Services.

Corporate Culture

Company Values:

These values ​​are the basis for the services of MM INDRAMAYU Hospital for the community. Quality health services are developed that include complete specialist services, laboratory services, fertility treatment, radiology and imaging facilities, general health services, diagnostic and emergency services. MM INDRAMAYU Hospital presents state of the art technology, dedicated expert doctors , a reliable team of nurses and operators with professional management support.
MM INDRAMAYU Hospital is a pioneer hospital that provides the best care for the comfort and physical and psychological healing of patients. Corporate Culture The track record proves that the values ​​of RS MM INDRAMAYU “believe and do” are truly implemented. The presence of MM INDRAMAYU Hospital is another proof that the leadership entrusted by the Government to MM INDRAMAYU Hospital is welcomed by the people of Indramayu & its surroundings.