Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Dr. Soetomo

This hospital used to be one of the principal general hospitals is pre-independence times, established in Eastern Jawa, in the city of Surabaya.

Nowadays it is classified as a category A hospital (registration number: 3578016) with 1,505 beds.
The Dr. Soetomo hospitaal is situated on Jalan Mayjen Prof.dr. Moestopo no. 6-8 at Surabaya.
Coordinates are: Latitude: -7,267 and Longitude:112,758.

The website of the hospital is:

Hospital History
October 29, 1938 - Groundbreaking of the Centraal Burgerlijk Ziekenhuis Hospital (CBZ) by the Dutch Government in Karangmenjangan Village.
1943 - During the Japanese occupation, the construction of the Karangmenjangan Hospital was continued. After being used as a Navy Hospital.
1948 - Simpang Hospital was controlled by the Dutch again, then its name was changed to Rumah Sakit Umum Surabaya Soerabaja.
1950 - RSU Surabaya under the Indonesian Ministry of Health, has changed its name to the Central General Hospital (RSU).
1951-1954 - RS. The intersection moved to Karangmenjangan Hospital. Acute Surgical Services remain at the Simpang Hospital.
1964 - Based on SK. RI Minister of Health. 20 May 1964 No. 26769/KAB/76. RSUP Surabaya became Dr.Soetomo Hospital. 
1965 - Based on PP No. 4 of 1965, the organizers of RSUP Dr. Soetomo was handed over to the Regional Government of Tk I. East Java.
1979 - Decree of the Minister of Health established the Regional General Hospital for Dr. Soetomo as a Class A Hospital and known as:
Hospital Services, Education and Research.
Eastern Indonesia Referral Center Hospital (Top Referral).
The largest hospital in the eastern part of Indonesia
1980 - All service activities are combined in one at RSU Dr. Soetomo because Simpang Hospital was sold to Plaza Surabaya.
2002 - The province of East Java decided to change its name to General Hospital Dr. Soetomo.
2004 - Currently, Dr. Soetomo occupies an area of ​​163,875 m2 with a bed capacity (TT) of 1,505, consisting of:
Graha Amerta: 155 beds
Room: 1204 beds
IRD: 98 beds
GBPT: 42 beds
Others: 6 beds