Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Salewangang Maros

This hospital used to be a mission hospital: Zendingsziekenhuis Maros near Makassar. It is now classified as a category C hospital (registration code: 7309016) with 156 beds.
the Kabupaten Maros is the owner. It is situated on Jalan Poros Maros, Makassar KM 3 (Sulawesi Selatan).
In 2018 the hospital employed 335 persons, among whom 49 medical doctors and 115 nurses.
The website of the hospital is: id
From this website we copied a number of statements on its history (Google translated and abbreviated):

Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Salewangang Maros Regency
is the only regional hospital owned by the government of Maros Regency
with a reach of 1,619.11 km with a population of 367,535
soul, the population of Maros Regency which consists of 183,899 male residents
and 183,636 female residents spread across 14 (fourteen)
definitive districts and 103 villages/kelurahan served by 14 health centers
in each district.
Salewangang Hospital in Maros Regency is a referral center hospital
in Maros Regency which was built in 1982 and started to operate
in August 1983 as a type D hospital. Administratively technically
as well as technically operational, is a responsible UPTD
to the Maros District Health Office.
Maros Regency is the gateway to the north of Makassar City,
The capital city of South Sulawesi Province which is quite strategic especially for traffic
land and air transportation. Geographically, Maros Regency is located in the
west of South Sulawesi between 40 º 45'-50 07' south latitude and 109 º 205' – 129
12' East Longitude bordering:
- North side with Pangkep Regency
- To the east with Bone Regency
- South side with Makassar City and Kab