Rumah Sakit Umum Dr.Pirngadi

This hospital used to be the municipal hospital of the city of Medan (North Sumatera).
The hospital is classified as a category B hospital (registration number 1275013) with 434 beds.
The hospital is situated on Jalan Prof. H.M. Yamin Sh no. 47 at Kota Medan.

The website is:

From this website we copied a few statements on the history of the hospital (Google translated and abbreviated):

Pirngadi Hospital was founded on August 11, 1928 by the Dutch Colonial Government under the name "GEMEENTELIJK ZIEKENHUIS" whose first stone was laid by a 10-year-old boy named Maria Constantia Macky, son of the then Mayor of Medan and appointed as Director was then Dr. W. Bays.

Furthermore, with the entry of Japan into Indonesia, this hospital was taken and changed its name to "SyurITSU BYUSONO INCE" and entrusted to the son of Indonesia as director "Dr. RADEN PIRNGADI GONGGO PUTRO” which was finally added to the name of our hospital.

After the Indonesian people declared their independence on August 17, 1945, Pirngadi General Hospital was immediately taken over and managed by the State Government of East Sumatra, the Republic of Indonesia Temporary (RIS). replaced by the establishment of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). Pirngadi General Hospital was taken over and managed by the Central Government/Ministry of Health in Jakarta.

In the period 1950 to 1952 Pirngadi Hospital had a very important role in the history of the process of establishing the USU Faculty of Medicine, because one of the conditions for the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine there must be a hospital as a supporter in addition to having teaching lecturers who at that time were generally staff. a doctor who works at the General Hospital Dr. These pirngadi, both Dutch nationals and Indonesians themselves.

Since the government established the establishment of the USU Faculty of Medicine on August 20, 1952, Pirngadi Hospital has automatically become a Teaching Hospital (Teaching Hospital) and is used as a clinical clerk for USU Medical Students.