Rumah Sakit Umum Medan Kedokteran

The intention to establish a Medical College in Medan has become a topic of discussion among the people in Medan in particular, in North Sumatra in general, before the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence, wrote Dr. Achmad Sofian. For this reason Dr. Pirngadi, Dr. Tengku Mansoer, Dr. M. Amir and several other people have worked in this direction, but the intentions and desires were not approved by the Dutch Government at that time, it was considered that a Medical College had been established by The Dutch government in Jakarta was enough for Indonesia.

When World War II was raging in Europe and the Dutch Government had fled to England, there was also the intention of the Dutch Government to change NIAS (Nederlancsh Indische Aartsen School) in Surabaya into the second Medical College in Indonesia, but this intention could not be realized, because at that time At that time Indonesia was occupied by the Japanese.

During the Japanese occupation, several prominent people in the city of Medan, such as Dr. Pirngadi, Dr. Tengku Mansoer and others had once again drafted a Medical College, but this intention was also not continued.

In 1946, still in turmoil after independence was proclaimed, this intention surfaced again. When Mr.Teuku Moh.Hasan became the Governor of Sumatra Province, Dr.Moh.Jamil, who was based in Bukit Tinggi, was appointed chairman of a committee assigned to study the possibility of establishing a university in Sumatra. This committee, among others, was assigned to determine the type and location of the faculty to be established.