Rumah Sakit Umum Mohammad Noer

This general hospital is one of the health establishments of the province of Jawa Timur.
The hospital is classified as a category D hospital (registration number 3528027) with 109 beds.
The staff of the hospital is about 350 persons, of whom 54 medical doctors (30 medical specialists), 150 nurses, 8 midwives, 16 pharmacy personnel, 34 medical and biomedical technology and some 80 other disciplines.
The hospital is situated on Jalan Bonorogo no. 17, at Taman, Kabupaten Pamekasan (Madura). The coordinates are: Latitude: -7,156 and Longitude:113,49.

The website of the hospital is :

From this website we copied the following statements (Google translated and abbreviated):

RSU Mohammad Noer Pamekasan is a public hospital located in Pamekasan Regency. RSU Mohammad Noer Pamekasan since its inception has been the Technical Implementation Unit of the East Java Provincial Health Office serving the entire Madura residency area. RSU Mohammad Noer Pamekasan began to provide services to the community since 1963 which at that time was led by Dr. Tan Leen Sun (1963 - 1967), continued by Dr. Hamid Putradinata (1970 and 1985), Dr. R.H.Abd. Rasyid, SKM (1985-1997), Dr. Ruth Sri Sumaryanti ( 1997 - 2007 ), dr. Farid Anwar, M.Kes (2008 - 2013 ) and drg. Primada Kusumaninggar, M.Kes from 2014 until now. MOHAMMAD NOER Pamekasan General Hospital is a health facility that provides health services and does not prioritize profit-seeking and in carrying out its activities based on the principles of effectiveness, transparency, accountability and productivity with management in accordance with the order of the Regional Public Service Agency. The basis for the establishment of the determination of the Technical Implementation Unit at the East Java Provincial Health Service as the Regional Public Service Agency of the Work Unit is the SK GOVERNOR OF EAST JAVA NO 188/765/KPTS/013/2012 which was signed by the Governor of East Java on December 12, 2012, where the enactment of the letter This decision was made on January 1, 2013. The basis for the change in the nomenclature of the establishment from a hall to a hospital is the East Java Governor Regulation No. 68 of 2014, dated October 17, 2014 concerning the Second Amendment to the Regulation of the Governor of East Java No. 118 concerning the Organization and Work Procedures of the UPT of the East Java Provincial Health Office, which has become the MOHAMMAD NOER Pamekasan General Hospital. Vision: To become a National Standard Lung Superior General Hospital with Excellent Service. The point is that RSU Mohammad Noer Pamekasan wants to become a leading pulmonary general hospital by not leaving UKM (Public Health Efforts) with quality, complete, professional, quality, best and affordable services for the entire community with national standard services. Mission: To create quality, national standard and affordable services in the field of lung disease in particular and other general diseases; Realizing partnerships with the community and institutions in terms of education, research and development of hospital services; Implement transparent and accountable management and governance.