RS Khusus Paru Kabupaten Karawang

This hospital is owned by the kabupaten Karawang (West Jawa).
The hospital is classified as a category C hospital (registration no. ) with 74 beds.
It is situated on Jalan Raya Jatisari no.3 at Karawang.
Coordinates: Latitude: -6,37 ; Longitude: 107,52.

The website of the hospital is
This website has the following statements about the hospital (Google translated):

The Special Lung Hospital in Karawang Regency is a hospital owned by the Karawang Regency Government which is a supporting element of the Health Office's duties in the field of health services specifically for lung and respiratory medicine. Lung Special Hospital Kab. Karawang is located on Jl. Raya Jatisari No. 3 Jatisari Karawang, and has a status as a class C hospital.

The Special Pulmonary Hospital of Karawang Regency has the main task of assisting in the efficient implementation of lung health and full respiration medicine by prioritizing efforts for healing and recovery in a harmonious, integrated manner with prevention efforts, as well as referral services and assistance tasks assigned to local governments.

Why did the Special Lung Hospital have to be born?

Hospitals with a special segmentation of the lungs are very important. This is because we still encounter many respiratory diseases in the community, such as ISPA and tuberculosis. In Karawang alone, there were around 3,300 patients with ARI in 2017. Therefore, the Karawang District Lung Hospital is expected to be a reference in handling cases, especially respiratory and lung diseases.

The Special Lung Hospital in Karawang Regency was built using the Tobacco Excise Sharing Fund (DBHCT) since 2012. And it was built with a green architecture concept that supports patient recovery, such as a reflection park. Infectious and non-infectious rooms are also separated, thereby minimizing transmission between patients.

The Special Lung Hospital in Karawang Regency is also designed as a child-friendly hospital. Where the Special Lung Hospital in Karawang Regency provides a children's playground which is located free of infectious patients.

Is it only for the lungs that the service at the Karawang Regency Special Lung Hospital?

Currently, the Karawang District Lung Special Hospital has opened other health services besides the lungs. Such as poly pediatric and child development services, surgical poly services, medical rehabilitation poly services, poly oncology services, Internal Medicine Poly services, Pulmonary Poly Services and Smoking Cessation Clinics, TB Poly Services, Alternative Poly Services, DOTs Poly services, Poly services COPD, and covid-only poly services. The poly is divided into two zones (infectious and non-infectious). So that before the patient is directed to the clinic, there is always a screening to ensure which zone the patient will be served in.