Rumah Sakit Paru Dr. H.A. Rotinsulu

This hospital is owned by the Ministry of Health and was classified as a category A hospital with 104 beds (registration number 3273201).
The hospital employs a staff of 372 persons, of whom 31 medical doctors (5 lung specialists), 106 nurses and 14 persons pharmacy department.
It is a specialist hospital for lung diseases and is situated on Jalan Bukit Jarian no. 40, kec. Cidadap, Kota Bandung (West Jawa).
Coordinates: latitude: -6,88 and longitude: 107,61.

The website of the hospital is: This website contains statements on the history of the hospital (Google translated and abbreviated):

History of Dr. Lung Hospital H. A. Rotinsulu

Dr. Lung Hospital H. A. Rotinsulu was founded and inaugurated in 1935 by the Dutch East Indies Government as a continuation of the Solsana sanatorium activities. According to local residents and other sources, during the Dutch era the Ciumbuleuit area was a tea plantation (onderning).

Dr. Lung Hospital H. A. Rotinsulu, which is located on Jalan Bukit Jarian, is now a resting place for tea pickers and a place for weighing tea shoots, while the Solsana and Sabiena buildings located on Jalan Ciumbuleuit are a resting place for garden owners and Dutch soldiers. After the Dutch lost and returned to their country, this place was used for general patients moving from the hospital. Rancabadak (now Hasan Sadikin Hospital), and Rancabadak Hospital are used for soldiers.

In the period 1945 - 1955 this hospital began treating people with lung disease, especially tuberculosis until they recovered and an average of one patient was treated for 3 years. The name of the hospital at that time was Sanatorium Solsana-Cipaganti. The hospital which was then led by dr. Wisnujudo, apart from treating the patient, also carries out surgery (lung surgery, etc.).

In the period 1955-1965, there were several changes in the leadership of the hospital, namely in 1956 the hospital was led by dr. Tong Siang Beng, was replaced in 1959 by dr. Tan Tjeng Tjoe and subsequently since 1963 led by dr. Hendrik Alexander Rotinsulu.

During the period 1965-1975, the hospital carried out health services which included the treatment of patients with pulmonary diseases, especially pulmonary tuberculosis. In 1965 the Sabiena building was asked by the owner (individual) to be sold, while the Solsana building was granted by the owner to a Catholic mission and then used as an educational facility (Parahyangan University) and the Sanatorium building located on Jalan Bukit Jarian was handed over to the Indonesian Government.

In the 1970s the name Sanatorium was removed and changed to the Cipaganti Lung Hospital which was led by the Director of BP4 Bandung.
In the period 1975 - 1985, Cipaganti Lung Hospital carried out treatment for patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. In 1978, the structure of the Hospital Organization and Work Procedure was regulated by the Decree of the Minister of Health RI No.137 / SK / IV / 78 with the name of the Hospital being changed to Cipaganti Pulmonary Tuberculous Hospital. In 1975 the leadership of dr. Rotinsulu was replaced by dr. Iskandar Partasasmita who was also the Director of BP4 Bandung until 1979 and since 1979 was replaced by dr. Sunali Sukartaatmadja and in 1984 the hospital was led by dr. Darmawan. Since November 1980 RSTP Cipaganti has provided outpatient services.

In the period 1985 - 1995, various treatment developments and treatments for pulmonary tuberculosis patients began to occur, both in the Inpatient Unit and the Outpatient Unit. Development of a Medical Support unit in the form of laboratory, radiodiagnostic, electromedical and therapeutic medical measures. In 1987 there was an increase in the treatment class which was originally in the form of a barracks (zaal) now has classes II, IIIA and IIIB. 1988 dr. Darmawan was replaced by dr. Moch. Hikmat Jojo as Director of RSTP Cipaganti. In October 1991, intensive care services began to operate in the ICU with a capacity of 2 beds.

In the development of health services, RSPR does not only treat patients with pulmonary tuberculosis but also treats patients with other lung diseases. On July 28, 1997, dr. Moh. Hikmat Jojo was replaced by dr. Marwan Awaloeddin, Sp.P, FCCP as Director of RSTP Cipaganti. Improvement of facilities and infrastructure in the form of building renovation and procurement and repair of medical equipment so that it is ready for use has been carried out in the period 1997 - 2003. In mid-2003, the temporary officer was filled by dr. Edi Sampurno, Sp.P. And in 2003 it was proposed to the Ministry of Health to develop and change the name of Cipaganti Pulmonary Tuberculosis Hospital to Dr. Lung Hospital. HA. Rotinsulu. The goal is to achieve a change in status in the form of increased professionalism and competitiveness as well as independence regarding hospital management. And on February 26, 2004 RSTP Cipaganti officially changed its name to Dr. Lung Hospital. H. A. Rotinsulu and on March 1, 2004 dr. Edi Sampurno, Sp.P was officially appointed as Director of Dr. Lung Hospital. H. A. Rotinsulu. To improve quality services to the community (public) Dr. Lung Hospital. H. A. Rotinsulu on June 26, 2007 was officially designated as a hospital that uses PPK-BLU so that there is flexibility in financial management so that it is more effective and efficient in supporting the duties and functions of Dr. Lung Hospital. H. A. Rotinsulu.Based on the Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Number 190 / Menkes / SK / II / 2004 dated February 26, 2004 concerning the Organization and Work Procedure of Lung Hospitals as amended by Regulation of the Minister of Health Number 250 / Menkes / PER / III / 2008 dated 11 March 2008 has position as a Technical Implementing Unit within the Ministry of Health which is under and responsible to the Director General of Medical Services with the task of implementing comprehensive, integrated and continuous health services for lung disease sufferers, education and training as well as research and development in the field of disease management lungs.

In 2010, he received the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certificate from TUV SUD. In addition, Dr. Lung Hospital. H. A. Rotinsulu has been accredited for 16 services.

In 2015, Rotinsulu Pulmonary Hospital successfully passed the accreditation from KARS (Hospital Accreditation Committee) and received the PARIPURNA predicate.