Rumah Sakit Paru Manguharjo

This specialist hospital is one of the health establishments of the province of East Jawa.
The hospital is classified as a category C hospital (registration number 3519026) with 36 beds.
The hospital employs a staff of 132 persons, of whom 18 medical doctors, 36 nurses, 2 midwives and 8 pharmacy personnel.
The hospital is situated on Jalan You Sudarso 108-112 at Manguharjo, Kota Madiun (Jawa Timur).
The coordinates are: latitude: -7,62 and longitude: 111,52.

The website of the hospital is:
This website contains the following statements on history and mission of the hospital (Google translated and abbreviated):

Paru Manguharjo Hospital (RSPM) Madiun is a Type C special hospital as the UPT of the East Java Provincial Health Office. The hospital is located at Jl. Yos Sudarso No. 108-112 northern part of Madiun City. Operational Permit based on the Decree of the Head of the Integrated Licensing Service Office of the City of Madiun Number: 503-15.401.303 / 001/2015 concerning the Operational Permit of the Paru Manguharjo Madiun Hospital.

    The Manguharjo Lung Hospital (RSPM) Madiun was formerly known as the Madiun Lung Disease Control and Prevention Center (BP4). In 2009, BP4 Madiun gradually became a Regional Public Service Agency (BLUD), until 2012 it received full BLUD status. With the issuance of Governor Regulation Number 68 of 2014 and Governor Regulation Number 32 of 2015, BP4 Madiun was designated as the Manguharjo Madiun Pulmonary Hospital.

      Together with the vision and mission that has been built, RSPM Madiun is determined to provide the best service in alleviating Lung health problems for the community, through excellent services including complete lung and respiratory health management, supported by facilities in the form of sufficiently complete facilities and infrastructure and competent human resources. in their fields, both medical personnel, medical support, and non-medical.

       Although not long ago established, RSPM Madiun has succeeded in obtaining the status of First Level Pass accreditation by the Hospital Accreditation Commission (KARS) which is valid until 2020. Other awards that have been won are business actors who are Orderly and Comply with Environmental Permit Recommendations by the Madiun City Environmental Service Number 660/663 / 401.114 / 2019 in 2019.
RSPM Madiun is committed to continuing to provide lung health services that are getting better from time to time.