Rumah Sakit Paru Respira

This hospital is part of the health establishments of the province DI Yogyakarta.
It is a specialist hospital for Lung diseases and was classified as a category C hospital
(registration code 3471121) with 26 beds.
The hospital is situated on Jalan Panembahan Senopati no. 4 at Bantul (DIYogyakarta).
Coordinates: Latitude -7,90 and Longitude: 110,32.

The website of the hospital is

This website mentions the following history of the hospital (Google translated):

History of RESPIRA Lung Hospital


The Indonesian Ministry of Health's Lung Disease Eradication Institute was established in Yogyakarta to address lung health problems.

1. 1960: Department of Lung Disease, Ministry of Health, Republic of Indonesia.
2. 1960: Inspection for Lung Disease Eradication, Ministry of Health, Republic of Indonesia.
3. 1965: Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia Department of Lung Disease Management.
4. 1968: All institutions were abolished and all institutional activities were taken over / centered in the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia.
5. 1978: By Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia. Number: 144 / Men.Kes / IV / 78 dated April 28, 1978, named the Center for Lung Disease Medicine.

6. Year 2012: With Governor Regulation Number 50 Year 2012 Changed to RSKP Respira Yogyakarta

7. Year 2015: DIY Perdais Number 3 Year 2015 Respira Pulmonary Hospital as a Regional Technical Institution