Rumah Sakit Paru Sumatera Barat

This is a specialist hospital for lung diseases, part of the health establishments of the province of West Sumatera.
The hospital is classified as a category B hospital (registration no. 1306057) with 40 beds.
The hospital is employing 122 persons, among whom 18 medical doctors, 64 nurses and 6 pharmacy personnel.
The hospital is situated on Jalan Dr. M. Djamil no. 110 at Lubuk Alung, Kota Padang.
The coordinates are: latitude: -0,68 and longitude: 100,28.

The website of the hospital is
This website contains some statements on the history of the hospital (Google translated and abbreviated):

The West Sumatra Lung Hospital is the UPTD of the West Sumatra Province Health Service, originally it was the Lubuk Alung Lung Disease Treatment Center (BP4). The Lubuk Alung Lung Disease Treatment Center (BP4) has changed its status to the West Sumatra Lung Hospital in accordance with the West Sumatra Provincial Regulation Number 11 of 2017 concerning the Determination of the Status of the Lung Disease Treatment Center to become the West Sumatra Lung Hospital.

The establishment of BP 4 Lubuk Alung was initiated from the results of a work meeting to eradicate tuberculosis which was held in Kaliurang, Yogyakarta in 1952. Where the meeting resulted in several decisions. One of the decisions of the meeting was to establish a Central Tuberculosis Disease Eradication Center (BP 4) in each provincial capital and establish BP 4 branches in each district / municipality capital.

As a follow-up to this decision, the province of West Sumatra, which at that time was motivated by Prof. Ilyas H. Dt. Batoeh (deceased) founded BP 4 West Sumatra, which was established in Bukit Tinggi.

In line with Regional Autonomy in 2001 BP4 Lubuk Alung was taken over by the West Sumatra Provincial Government to become the UPTD of the West Sumatra Provincial Health Office. In accordance with the demands for coverage and quality assurance of public lung health services, in 2012 BP4 conducted a Feasibility Study. Based on the recommendations from the results of the feasibility study, BP4 changed its function to a Lung Hospital. There are many aspects that must be developed and improved to become a Lung Hospital, including: