RS Advent Bandung

This hospital was opened in 1950 (in 2020 it celebrated its 70th birthday). The hospital is established on the Jalan Cihampelas no. 161 at Bandung (coordinates: Latitude: -6,89 and Longitude: 107,61).

The hospital is classified as a category B hospital (reg. code: 3273085) and has a capacity of 223 beds. The personnel of this hospital consists of almost 1,000 employees, of whom 153 medical doctors, 335 nurses, 13 midwives and 482 employees of other disciplines (Pharmacy, kitchen, maintenance, technical assistance and management and administration).

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This website mentions about the history of the hospital the following (Google translated and abbreviated):

The Bandung Adventist Hospital is part of the Adventist Health System Asia (AHS / A) healthcare network, which manages Adventist health institutions in the Asia-South Pacific region, with headquarters in Cavite, Philippines. Around the world. AHS serves 68 countries with 65,000 employees in 165 hospitals and 345 health clinics.

The Bandung Adventist Hospital was founded on October 2, 1950 by Donald N. Holm, a doctor and missionary for the Adventist Church. Initially the Adventist Hospital was located on Jalan Tamansari 40, Bandung, the former residence of the Dutch, into a 24-bed health facility. The hospital then expanded so that in 1953, the hospital bought additional land to build houses for medical personnel and other health facilities

Due to the positive response from the surrounding community, in 1960 the Adventist Hospital had grown to 110 beds. To serve the wider community, the Adventist Hospital was moved to Jalan Cihampelas 161, a more strategic and wider place. On January 24, 1963 First Lady Hartini Soekarno inaugurated a 3-storey hospital building with a capacity of 150 beds. For years the Adventist Hospital was known as "the American Hospital" because most of its doctors were from the United States. In 1970 the leadership of the hospital was transferred to Indonesian men. Dr. Henry Novak is the last foreign doctor who became the head of the Bandung Adventist Hospital.