Rumah Sakit Budi Mulia Bitung

This hospital was established in 1975 by a roman-catholic organization at Bitung (North Sulawesi).
The hospital was classified as a category C hospital (code 7172014) with 122 beds.
The address is Jalan Sam Ratulangi no. 9A at Bitung.
Its coordinates are 1.45 and 125.18

From the website we copied some information about its history (Google translated):

In 1955 the initiative of the Hermana Hospital leadership and the JMJ Congregational Sisters opened the Budi Mulia Bitung Maternity Clinic with a capacity of 20 TT and its operation was permitted by the Head of the North Sulawesi Level I Regional Health Service. The leaders of Hermana Hospital at that time were:
Head of Hospital: Dr. C.S. Richter, Unit Head: Sr. Antonio G.M. vd Laan, Head of Care: Sr. Maria vd Berg.

The Budi Mulia Bitung Maternity Clinic is led by a midwife named: Emma Pangkerego, who is in charge of providing the following services: checking pregnant women, Counseling on Baby Care, Immunization, assisting in childbirth and postnatal care for mothers.
In 1970 the Budi Mulia Maternity Clinic was expanded into a hospital by the Joseph Foundation and the Bishop of Manado Diocese: Mgr. N. Verhoeven, MSC.
The Bishop gave a portion of the diocese's land adjacent to the Bitung Catholic Church and School Complex covering an area of ​​1.1 hectares for the hospital to be built. This location is about 700 m from the existing Maternity Clinic.
In 1971 Budi Mulia Hospital was built with semi-permanent construction and has a capacity of 60 TT, and the construction was completed in 2 years.
In 1973 Budi Mulia Hospital officially separated from Hermana Lembean Hospital and was a separate Health Service Unit belonging to the Joseph Foundation with the First Director P.A.J. Kumaat and Head of Unit Sr. Jeanned'Arc Toreh, JMJ.
In 1974 a temporary permit was issued by the Head of the North Sulawesi Provincial Health Office with letter number: 38/SEK/B.II/1974 dated 8 February 1974.
In 1975 the Director of Budi Mulia General Hospital was handed over to: Dr. B.H. Moningka
In 1976 the assistance of the MISERIOR Ecclesiastical Social Agency, Budi Mulia General Hospital began to be expanded with a permanent construction building with a capacity of 122 TT complete with operating rooms, and supporting examinations (laboratory and radiology) whose construction was completely completed in JULY 1977.
The services of Budi Mulia Hospital were developed so that it can fulfill the services of 4 Basic Specialists, namely: Internal Medicine, Surgery, Child Health, Obstetrics & Gynecology, in addition to general polyclinic and Radiology services.
In 1980 the Director of Budi Mulia Hospital was handed over to Dr. J. Ig. Nainggolan.
In 1984 the Director of Budi Mulia Hospital was handed over to R.E.J. Rotty.