Rumah Sakit Palang Biru Gombong

This is a roman-catholic hospital that started its work amon women and girls who were in misery during deliveries and pregnancy.
What started as a social work became instutionalized as hospital.
This hospital is classified as a category D hospital (registration code: 3305033) with 93 beds. The hospital is established at Gombong (Jawa Tengah).

From the website of the hospital: we copied a few statements on its history (Google translated and abbreviated):

Palang Biru Gombong Hospital is one of the health service works belonging to the Congregation of the Noble Blood Charity Sisters under the auspices of the Swana Santa Palang Biru Foundation. The Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Noble Blood founded by Sr. Seraphine on June 18, 1862 has grown and bear fruit not only in the Netherlands (Netherland), but also in Germany. As time went on, the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Noble Blood accepted Mgr. Visser, MSC Apostolic Prefect of Purwokerto to send his Sister to work on the land of the Indonesian Mission. In 1933, on June 20 to be precise, the first pioneering Sisters consisting of Sr. Romana, Sr. Theresa, Sr. Egidia, Sr. Zalome and Sr. Amanda arrived in Indonesia, precisely in Kutoarjo, from where the indigenous Sisters were born and existed.

In 1952, through Mgr. W.A.G. Scoemaker, MSC Apostolic Vicar of Purwokerto, God called and moved the Sisters to meet the needs of the people in Gombong. The first Sisters who came to Gombong were Sr. Romana, Sr. Hieronyma, and Sr. Philothea.

Henceforth, in August 1956, Sr. Damiana after completing her studies at St. Carolus was assigned to start a health project in Gombong. Starting at the rectory near the Church, Sr. Damiana carries out medical activities to assist deliveries and accepts baby safekeeping because many mothers die during childbirth in the village. A tireless struggle from Sr. Damiana, because of all the limitations, equipment and space, Sr. Damiana continues to carry out her ministry of helping those who are sick and giving birth with love.

In the course of time, the Congregation was able to buy land and a house on Jln. Church 1 A. After the house was repaired and prepared, in 1963, with the help of the miserior, the Congregation built the former Bakti Mulia Elementary School on Jl. Kartini No. 37 for polyclinics, maternity homes and care for abandoned babies. In 1965 the construction was completed and usable. The house on Jalan Church 1 A is used as a dormitory for nurses and teachers.

In its development, due to the needs of the community, medical centers and maternity homes were forced to accept patients who needed to be treated at the hospital with entrusted status from the Gombong State Health Center. Over time, the number of sick patients increased, thus disturbing the peace of the mothers giving birth. In response to this situation, in May 1983, the nurses' dormitory was demolished and a two-story building was constructed. The first floor is for maternity homes and care for abandoned babies, the second floor is for nurse dormitories. On February 2, 1988, the Medical Center officially received a temporary permit as a temporary hospital. September 4, 1996, the treatment room for sick patients on Jl. Kartini 37 was renovated and a two-story building was built. Until the end of 2018 RS. The Blue Cross is located on Jl. Kartini No 37. In 2016 Palang Biru Hospital built a new building on Jl. Yos Sudarso Timur, Kedungpuji Village, Gombong District, Kebumen Regency and the operating permit for the hospital in the new building was received on December 26, 2018. On January 1, 2019, the health services of Palang Biru Gombong Hospital moved to a new building on Jl. Yos Sudarso Timur, Kedungpuji Village, Gombong District, Kebumen Regency until now.