Rumah Sakit Pancaran Kasih

This hospital was established by a protestant organization at Manado (Sulawesi Utara).
The hospital is classified as a category C hospital (regnr. 7171050) with 170 beds.
Its address is: Jalan Sam Ratulangi, Titiwungan Utara, Kec. Sario, Kota Manado.
Coordinates: Latitude: 1.4012; Longitude: 125.26789.

The health efforts of the Minahasa Evangelical Christian Church began two hundred and fifty years ago (1813) through the homes of the pastors and evangelists at that time who witnessed the need for a healthy life as one of the deacon services. These efforts were finally realized with the establishment of several health institutions. The beginning of the service of the GMIM Pancaran Kasih Hospital Manado started from the Maternal and Child Health Center (BKIA) Titiwungen Manado, which was established on January 8, 1955 so that when calculated in 2017 the service was 62 years old, but for service as a hospital it only started on November 28 1987.

Along with the development and demand for services, the BKIA service slowly began to increase service efforts that were wider in scope because of the demands and developments in the city of Manado. With the creation of a master plan in 1976 and in line with the hopes / aspirations of the GMIM Women's Service Commission, the idea to build the BKIA/Titiwungen Maternity Hospital into a Maternity Hospital began to be considered more firmly. For this reason, in 1979 a new permanent building was built, complete with medical equipment for Obstetrics and Gynecology, which was planned for a Sterilization Clinic on the recommendation of Dr. Dus Sampurno, MPH Representative of The Pathfinder Fund in Indonesia.