Rumah Sakit Umum Bethesda Serukam

This hospital was established by the Protestant Bethesda Serukam Foundation. It was situated on
Jalan Raya Singkawang-Bengkayang Km 49 at Serukam (West Kalimantan) Coordinates: 0.85 and 109.35. The hospital is classified as a category C hospital (code 6102055) with 73 beds.

We copied some news about the history of the hospital from its website (Google translated):

History The services of Bethesda Serukam General Hospital have been started since 1956 by Pdt. John G. Bremen was an independent missionary among the Dayak tribes. He opened a small health clinic at the Sungai Betung Rehobot Church which was named Bethesda. Furthermore, in 1965 the family of dr. Wendell G. Geary from the WorldVenture-America Mission came to Indonesia to further develop this clinic into a Bethesda Sub-Hospital in Sungai Betung, considering the need for long-term services, the hospital was gradually moved to Lao-Serukam with the help of Ir. John Seaders and the late. Rev. UT. Simatupang. (click on image to enlarge) In 1971-1981, a dream became a reality to establish an inland hospital located in Serukam which was inaugurated by the Governor of West Kalimantan Mr. Kadarusno on February 23, 1974 with a capacity of 70 beds, at that time the buildings that were ready to be used were: polyclinic, inpatient ward hospital and surgical establishments. Gradually by God’s help, year after year, surgical and obstetric wards, pediatric wards, ICU, and administration buildings were also built. (click on image to enlarge)