Rumah Sakit Umum Cahya Kawaluyan

This hospital started its operations in June 2006. The hospital was founded by a roman catholic organization. It was classified as a category C hospital (ref 3217121) with 122 beds.
Its address is: Jalan Parahyangan Km3 Kota Baru Parahyangan, Pedalarang.

Overview of Cahya Kawaluyan Hospital (Borromeus Group)
Cahya Kawaluyan Hospital (Borromeus Group) is located in the Kota Baru Parahyangan area, Padalarang, which has a natural, cool, fresh feel and free from traffic jams.

It started operating on June 19, 2006 and has been accredited by the Plenary Accreditation Commission for Hospital Accreditation.

The Operational Mission of Cahya Kawaluyan Hospital is to provide superior services in the field of Maternal and Child health, to become a center for Geriatric and Medical Rehabilitation services by implementing the I Care culture (Integrity, Compassionate, Assurance, Respect, and Embrace Innovation).

In accordance with the Operational Mission, a Geriatric Community was formed under the name Seroja (Healthy Spiritual and Physical) with regular Taichi Gymnastics activities every Monday at 07.00 WIB and the Persadia Community for diabetics with regular Persadia Gymnastics every Saturday at 07.00 WIB

Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy services will start operating in March 2020.

For convenience and ease of outpatient registration, there is an Online Registration facility