Rumah Sakit Umum Imanuel Way Halim

This hospital is established at Bandar (Lampung) by the Indonesian Baptist Hospital Foundation. From the MoH it received the B status. The capacity of the hospital is 165 beds. It is a new hospital that was founded in 1985.

From the website of the hospital we copied some statements (Google translation) about its origin:

Encouraged to serve and love suffering fellow human beings, in 1961, dr. Frank B. Owen and Rev. Ross B Fryer left the country of his birth in America and headed to Bukittinggi, West Sumatra to conduct a survey, looking for the possibility of establishing a hospital. The survey was finally followed up in 1962 when dr. Frank B. Owen started his health services through a polyclinic which was opened in the Sitawa Sidingin area, as well as being used as a place to live with his family.

In 1965, the Polyclinic moved to the Mandiangin area, precisely on Jl. Mandiangin 17 but only on April 15, 1965 the Polyclinic was inaugurated and named the Baptist Polyclinic. Polyclinic hosted by dr. Frank B. Owen. dr. Kathleen Jones, who has served at Baptist Hospital in Kediri, East Java, served at this polyclinic for a while when dr. Frank B. Owen is on leave.

In 1967 land was purchased in the Birugo area and construction of a hospital began in 1970. In 1970, on his way back from leave to America, dr. Frank B. Owen had a heart attack in Honolulu, and was called by God on June 25, 1970. The outpatient service had to be discontinued.

The polyclinic service is followed up into a plan to establish a hospital. The establishment of a hospital undergoes a long licensing process. In 1972 the construction of the hospital began and the official hospital permit was only obtained on January 13, 1976. On December 1, 1976, after going through difficult times, the hospital was finally inaugurated by the Governor of West Sumatra Province, he named the Hospital Imanuel Bukit Tinggi.

On December 23, 1984, Imanuel Bukit Tinggi Hospital was handed over to the Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Amir Mahmud, and by Mr. Amir Mahmud it was handed over to the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, dr. Suwardjono Surjaningrat, Sp. OG. Furthermore, the former Immanuel Bukit Tinggi Hospital became the Bukittingi Central General Hospital. Imanuel Hospital moved to Bumi Ruwah Jurai - Lampung Province and was inaugurated on July 29, 1985. Imanuel Way Halim Hospital in Bandar Lampung is under the auspices of the Indonesian Baptist Hospital Foundation. Currently classified as a Type B Hospital with a capacity of 165 beds.