Rumah Sakit Umum Katolik Budi Rahaya

This hospital had been established around the 1930s. It is classified as a category C hospital (registration code: 3572021) with 71 beds. Its location is Jalan Jendal Ahmad Yani no. 18, Kota Blitar (Jawa Timur). Coordinates:-8.09 and 112.17.

To provide health services, especially in the city of Blitar and its surroundings, the Yoseph Foundation established and manages a Catholic General Hospital. Before becoming a hospital, the establishment of the BUDI RAHAYU Catholic Hospital began with the formation of an Outpatient polyclinic and Mother and Child Health Center (B.K.I.A.) – 1936, Having 20 (twenty) beds, along with […]In 1936, Has 20 (twenty) beds, in line with the development of living standards and the needs of the people of the city of Blitar for health services.
– In 1965, BUDIRAHAYU Catholic Hospital increased the number of beds to 50 (fifty) beds.
– In 1967, BUDIRAHAYU Catholic Hospital improved its services by opening a diagnostic support service facility in the form of a laboratory.
– In 1974, BUDI RAHAYU Catholic Hospital built a Nurse's Dormitory and renovated rooms for the sick.
– In 1978, BUDI RAHAYU Catholic Hospital received the first ambulance from the government.
– 1983, Building several rooms for sick people, bringing the capacity to 65 (sixty five) beds.