Rumah Sakit Umum Pertamina Palembang

In colonial days this hospital used to be owned by an oil company at Palembang (Sumatera Selatan).
Under the new name it is classified as a category C hospital (reg.code:1671024) with 59 beds.
Its address is: Komplek Pertamina Plaju, Kota Palembang.

From its website we copied the following statements on its history (Google translated and aabbreviated):

Pertamina Plaju Hospital is located in Plaju, 11 km from the city of Palembang, precisely in the Pertamina RU (Refinery Unit) III Plaju housing complex with a land area of ​​40,157 m2 and a building area of ​​8,487 m2. The existence of Pertamina RU III Plaju Hospital is inseparable from the business of petroleum activities which include exploration, exploitation, refining and other activities related to oil in the southern part of Sumatra. Basically the existence of the hospital is to support the existing petroleum activities.


Pertamina Plaju Hospital is a health service facility including promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative for Pertamina workers and families in particular and also the general public. Established since PT SHELL operated the large Plaju refinery on December 20, 1933.

Considering the transition from the SHELL company to Pertamina in 1965, Plaju Hospital was changed to Pertamina Plaju Hospital since 1970 under PT Pertamina RU III.

With PT Pertamina's policy of focusing on its core business, namely Oil and Gas, on October 25, 2012 Pertamina Plaju Hospital was transferred to PT Pertamedika.

Along with the development of the health industry and to meet the needs of optimal health services for the community, PT. Pertamina Bina Medika as a Pertamina subsidiary engaged in the health service industry will continue to develop its business in all business aspects of the health service industry.

Pertamina Plaju Hospital currently has a KARS accreditation certificate with a Plenary Rating