Rumah sakit umum Santa Elisabeth Medan

This hospital was estblished by a roman katholik organization at Medan (North Sumatera).
It is classified as a category B hospital (Reg. code: 1275 072) with 209 beds.
Its address is: Jalan H. Misbah no. 7 at Medan. Coordinates: 3.58 and 98.68.
The website is:

From this website we copied a few statements on its history (Google translated):

In 1922 Mgr. Mathias Brans, OFMCap mission leader, wants to develop the Catholic mission in Sumatra, especially in the field of health services. To realize the plan, he asked for personnel from the Netherlands through Mgr. Petrus Hopmans, who ultimately chose the FSE Congregation in Breda. Initially the sisters were invited to help serve in the government hospital in Sumatra.