Public general hospitals (Umum)

During the pre-independence days, a few categories of public hospitals were dominant.
First of all the central government hospitals, such as the ones at Jakarta, Surabaya and Semarang. These still exist.
The RSUPN Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo replaces the Central Government Hospital at Salemba (Jakarta); RSUmum Pusat Dr. Kariadi replaces the CBZ at Semarang and the RS Umum Daerah Dr. Soetomo the CBZ at Surabaya.

Provincial general hospitals were mentioned on Central Jawa: Tegal, Banyumas and Kudus; West Jawa: Tasikmalaya and Indramayu; East Jawa: Pamekasan. In 1919 seven general municipal hospitals were mentioned: Bandung, Sukabumi, Garut and Cirebon on Java and Medan and Palembang on Sumatera and Makassar on Sulawesi.

In the next survey we will discuss the new developments of public hospitals. Nowadays they may belong to the Ministry of Health, to a province or to a regency (Kabupaten):

NamePlaceProvinceCatgOwnerBedsRegnrFormer name
RSUPN Dr. Cipto MangunkusumoJakartaDKI JAKARTAAKemkes 7473173014CBZ Batavia
RS Umum Pusat Dr. KariadiSemarangJawa TengahAKemkes 1543374010CBZ Semarang
RS Umum Daerah Dr. SoetomoSurabayaJawa TimurAPemprop11033578016CBZ Soerabaya
RS Umum Mohammad Noer PamekasanPamekasanJawa TimurDPemprop1093528027Provinciaal Hospitaal Oost Java
RS Umum Daerah dr. Soeselo Slawi TegalJawa TengahBPemkab3433328011Provinciaal Hospitaal Midden-Java
RSUD BANYUMASBanyumasJawa TengahBPemkab4403302015Provinciaal Hospitaal Midden-Java
RS Umum Daerah dr. Soekardjo TasikmalayaTasikmalayaJawa BaratBPemkot4103206011Provinciaal Hospitaal West-Java
RS Umum Daerah dr.Loekmono hadiKudusJawa TengahBPemkab3793319010Provinciaal Hospitaal Midden-Java
RS Umum Daerah dr. Slamet GarutGarutJawa BaratBPemkab4553205010GBZ Garut
RS Umum Gunung JatiCirebonJawa BaratBPemkot3903274016GBZ Cirebon
Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah R.SyamsudinSukabumiJawa BaratBPemkot5203272014GBZ Soekaboemi
Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Kelet Provinsi Jawa Tengah Kelet Jawah Tengah C Pemprop 197 3320021 Leprosy hospital
RS Umum Daerah Daya Kota MakassarMakassarSulawesi SelatanBPemkot2007371395GBZ Makassar
Rumah Sakit Hasan SadikinBandungJawa Barat A Kemkes7943273015GBZ Bandung
RS Umum Daerah Kabupaten IndramayuIndramayuJawa BaratBPemkab3283212016Provinciaal Hospitaal West-Java
RS Umum Daerah dr.Pirngadi Kota Medankota MedanSumatera UtaraBPemkot4341275013GBZ Medan
RS Umum Daerah Provinsi Sulawesi UtaraManadoSulawesi UtaraBPemprop427171103GBZ Manado
RS Umum Daerah Palembang BariPalembangSumatera SelatanBPemkot2231671265
GBZ Palembang