Cy Hospital Bangkatan

The company hospital of Bangkatan was founded by the Senembah ompany in 1903. De town of Binjai (Deli) was the place of establishment. Source: Geschiedenis van de Deli Maatschappij (Nationaal Archief 2.20.46, 38). In 1880 the Deli Company contracted the German medical doctor Arnold. This doctor lived on Quala-Minchrim premises, the hospital Bangkatan. The meeting of Commissioners of the 11th April 1881  of the Langkat Association decided that dr. Arnold should only be employed by the Deli Company.

The figure of the hospital Bangkattan at Bindjai of the Senembah Company is owned by the KITLV imagebank; 1903; signatuur 126119; it belonged to J. van Venetien te Santpoort.

Bindjai is the main town of the subdepartment Boven Langkat, Government Eastcoast of Sumatra. It disposes of a municipality council under chairmanship of the Controleur. The town has about 9,000 inhabitants, of whom 155 Europeans and almost 3,900 Chinese (Gonggryp 1934, 149)