Cy hospital Gending

TMnr 10002186 Inlandsch Hospitaal Suikerfabriek Gending Oost-Java

The company hospital Gending was a general hospital that was established by the sugar factory of Gending in the Residency of Probolinggo in 1922.  The picture belonged to the Tropen Museum collection TM nr. 10002186.

The plantations had in wide circles a bad reputation as for labour relations. For the sugar plantations on Java this was not the main issue of critics, but the low rent of the land was and also the involuntary character of the sale of ground by the local farmers. The labour on the plantations may be distinguished in fixed labour contracts and in temporarily campaign labourers who cut the sugar canes and worked the ground. The employees of the sugar factory who had a long-term contract were part of the labour elite who disposed of good wages and facilities that were unknown in that time and place (P. Boomgaard, 2001 ‘Inlandsch Hospitaal’ van de suikerfabriek Gending, Oost-Java).

Probolinggo was the main town of the Residency with the same name, situated on the sea Strait of Madoera, in the provine of East Java. The town had a municipal council and a mayor and counted 37,000 inhabitants, of whom 900 Europeans and 3,600 Chinese (Gonggryp 1934, 1206).