Djasinga hospital

The administrator of the Djasinga rubber company ziekenhuis was responsible for this small company hospital in Djasinga, east of Batavia. The hospital received for the first time subsidy in 1918, including the premium for the establishment. The hospital was the smallest category (10-25 beds) and was probably established in 1917. Source: Annex Q of Koloniaal Verslag 1918. The subsidy for establishment was ƒ14.531,25 and for first equipment ƒ 2,250 and ƒ 1,100 for a European doctor. Later on, in 1930, the owner is mentioned “Vereeniging Inlands ziekenhuis” in the Indisch Verslag 1930. In that same year the hospital receives  f 4459,97 for personnel and f1987,12 for other expenses.

Djasinga was situated at Buitenzorg, a regency with capital with the same name in the West of Java. The indigenous name of Buitenzorg was Bogor. Buitenzorg had 65,000 inhabitants, of whom 5,000 Europeans and 8,000 Chinese (Gonggryp 1934, 194).