Aux. hospital Gajamprit

Already as soon as the end of the previous century, the administrators of the Klatensche Culture Company met to discuss the best way of providing medical aid to the population. Their purpose was to stimulate the labour power of the population, which was very low at that time. As a result of the consultations of Dr. Scheurer, the medical director of the Petronella Hospital,  it was decided in the years 1890 to establish two auxiliary hospitals, one at Wedi, the other at Gajamprit. Its personnel was trained by dr. Scheurer. The result of these two auxiliary hospitals of each 24 beds was not very impressive. Although at regular intervals new patients arrived, these hospitals were not frequented  by patients. It was an unsatisfactory system, auxiliary hospitals without a mother hospital. From 1913  -1922 conferences took place between the board and the entrepreneurs to arrive at the establishment of a Central Hospital. The missionary organizations were invited to join the discussions (dr. van Andel). An Association was founded: the   ‘Klatensche Ziekenverpleging’. Almost all companies in the neighbourhood of Klaten were represented in the Association. A design was sent to the NI Government for approval. No response was received and in 1924 the Klatensche Cultuurmaatschappij decided to act with exclusion of all other companies in the neighbourhood. As the Culture Company professed to be unable to perform charity work, she asked the mission to take over this job and exploit the central hospital. The medical mission was guaranteed the full  freedom of action.