Catharinahospital HAPM

catharina hospital HAPM

The Catharina hospital of the Hollands Amerikaanse Plantage (HAPM) at Tanah Radja (Ressort Kisaran) was a general company hospital, founded in the 1920s. Source: Catalogue of the Collection diapositives of the Colonial Institute, group III Sumatra, 1922. See also Catalogue of the Hygiene Exhibition Bandung 1927 with a model of this hospital (Scale 1:100).

In 1929 in the hospital ressort Tanah Radja worked 12,247 indentured labourers of whom 4.74 % (59) died in the company hospital (From: B.M. van Driel, Mededeelingen van het Pathologisch laboratorium no. 9, Medan).

For the location of the hospital see Map Hospitals 1940.