Central hospital Bekiun

The central company hospital of the tobacco company Bekioen was established about 1918 near the Batak kampong Bekioen in Upper Langkat. (Boven Langkat). Source: E. van de Velde, “Het hospitaalwezen aan Sumatra’s oostkust” , published in a few articles in Het Ziekenhuis (1918).

Langkat is an administrative department (comprising the selfgoverning Landschap Langkat) of the Government Eastcoast of Sumatra. the number of inhabitants (also of the Sultanate) was 256,000 of whom about 1,400 Europeans and 30,600 Chinese. The assistant Resident of Langkat and the Sultan reside in the capital town of Tandjoeng Poera. The tobacco and rubber cultures are very important. The BPM exploits petroleum and transports this product to the harbours of Pangkalan Brandan and Pangkalan Soesoe. The department Langkat is subdivided into Lower Langkat and Upper Langkat. (Gonggryp 1934, 724-725).