Central Hospital K.M. 28

Zkhs tussen Palembang en Geloembang

 hospital on the road Palembang- Geloembang

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The Central Hospital of the Hospital Association K.M. 28 was established at Soengei Parit in the Residency of Palembang. The rubber plantation Soengei Parit was owned by the NV Exploitatie Mij. Soengei Lalah and was situated 33 km southwest of Rengat. Its production was 216,32 kg in 1937 (See Atlas van NOI, p. 144).

The GTNI 81 (1941), 2375 reports about the functioning of this hospital. The hospital organizes a regular check of children of the various companies, once every 6 months the coolies are checked and the hospital organizes a polyclinic check of pregnant women. Childbirth in the hospital was strongly promoted and the doekoens- beranaks were trained in hygiene measures. The pregnant women were free from work from the 7th month of their pregnancy till 2 months after childbirth. A discussion of the most frequent diseases since ten years took place. The prevalence of malaria, amoebiasis, anchylostomiasis and venereal diseases diminished, but skin diseases and lung diseases were rather constant.