Cy hosp. Huta Padang

The company hospital of Hoeta Padang (Ressort Kisaran) was established by a tobacco company about 1929. Source: Mededeelingen van het Pathologisch Laboratorium te Medan, no. 9, 1930: This hospital had 2,823 (2,041 men and 782 women) indentured labourers of whom in 1929, 42 died (33 men and 9 women). The health resort Kisaran was one of 9 hospital resorts at the Eastcoast of Sumatra. In this ressort 6 other company hospitals existed: Tanah Radja, Tandjong Balei, Negaga, Membang Moeda, Telok Dalam and Haboko.

The health resort of Padang and Bedagai was a subdepartment of the department Deli and Serdang, Government Eastcoast of Sumatra. It had a civil medical doctor in charge of the civil medical tasks for this region. The aadministrative subdepartment Padang and Bedagai was in charge of the Controleur BB, who was stationed at Tebingtinggi. The subdepartment counts 108,000 inhabitants, of whom 550 Europeans and 15,500 Chinese (Gonggryp 1934, 1094).