Cy hosp. Lima Pulu

The central company hospital Lima Poeloeh was founded by the rubber company Compagnie des Caoutchoucs de Padang before 1918. E. van de Velde reports on this hospital in the review Het Ziekenhuis, nrs. 9, 10 and 11 (1918). The hospital is numbered 28 on the legend of central hospitals in this publication. It was also mentioned in the Mededeelingen van het Pathologisch Laboratorium no. 9 (1930) by B.M. van Driel, the physician of the tobacco company Arendsburg in his publication: “Mortality rates and causes of death among 318,071 estate labourers in Sumatra in 1929”. In this publication he reported on Lima Poeloeh in the resort Siantar that of 11,370 labourers 81 died,  a mortality rate of 7.12 ‰. The rubber plantation Lima Poeloeh is mentioned in the Grote Atlas van Nederlands Oost Indie, p. 90 :it had a surface of 2,400 ha and was situated 0-10 km from the town Lima Poeloeh.