Cy. hospital Arendsburg

12637 Hosp TabakMij Arendsburg Deli1903

The tobacco firm Arendsburg in the district of Deli-Serdang founded about 1903 a central company hospital. The KITLV disposes of a picture (reference: 12637) about 1903. It was a general hospital. This hospital was also called Soengei Sengkol (see under this name)

Deli-Serdang was a self-governing Landschap that in earlier times belonged to Siak, Atjeh and Siak.In 1884 it became a Landschap and joined the other landschappen in a regular agreement with the NI Government.  The main  seat of the administration was at Loeboekpakam. The number of inhabitants was 148,000, among whom 600 Europeans and 18,000 Chinese (Gonggryp 1934, 1290).