Cy hospital HVA


Paviljoen voor personeel van de HVA te Pare, collectie Tropenmuseum

The NV Handelvereeniging Amsterdam (HVA) founded a company hospital for her workers in 1906 at Pare (Kediri). Source: Koloniaal Verslag 1906. “Except for free housing and medical treatment the patients receive ƒ 0.25 pro day for food. Treatment is provided by the local physician. In 1906 this was A.A. Gersen (Regeeringsalmanak 406).

Pare was a district of the regency Kediri and the Residency of Kediri, situated in the province of East Java. Thee Residency Kediri with a main city of the same name is divided into 5 regencies and has almost 2.5 million inhabitants, of whom 2,800 Europeans and 9,100 Chinese.  (Gonggryp 1934, 580).