Cy hospital Langsee



This hospital was established by the family van de Ven, owners of the sugar factories Langsee and Trangkil at Pati about 1925.   The 6 july 1937 the factory Langsee was liquidated and the fate of the hospital was likewise.

The NV Cultuur  Maatschappij “Trangkil” owned the sugar estate and sugar factory. The estate had a surface of 667 ha and was situated 9 km NE of Pati (Grote Atlas van NOI, p. 300).

Japara (Djapara)-Rembang was a Residency, situated in Mid Java. The Residency had almost 2 million inhabitants. Its capital was Pati, a town which was in recession as a town of trade by the silted up situation of its harbour.(Gonggryp 1934, 498).