Cy hospital Modjokerto

The new company hospital of the NV Maatschappij tot exploitatie van suikerfabrieken Sentanen Lor, Brangkal and Dinoyo was opened at Friday 4th april 1930 at ten o’clock  in the morning (Source: De Indische Courant van 28 March 1930).  The hospital was situated at about 1 km from Modjokerto in the Residency of Surabaya. The initiator of the hospital is also callled Eschauzierfabrieken, Gatoelweg, Modjokerto.
Dr Jan Francois Hendrik de Graaf (1876-1958) was director of the Eschauzier hospital. He was born in Ternate (Moluccas) and practised medicine in Modjokerto.
De Grote Atlas van Nederlands Oost Indie mentions the Sentanen Lor company and reports that the company was closed in 1939/1940 (p. 304).

Modjokerto was at the same time a regency, district and subdistrict of the Residency Surabaya in the province of East Java. The regency counted almost 400,000 inhabitants, aamong whom 1,600 Europeans and 4,500 Chinese. The regency is very fertile and has many sugar factories. The region was the center of the former Hindu realm of Madjapahit. The town is situated on the river Brantas and on the railroad to Surabaya (Gonggryp 1934, 862).

For the location of the hospital see Map Hospitals 1940.