Cy hospital Pager Alam

The hospital of the coffee company Pager Alam in the subdepartment Pasoemah-landen of Upper Palembang was established in 1906. Source: Koloniaal Verslag 1907 (p. 175). The same KV reports about the labourers of this coffee estate: The coolies working with Pager Alam enjoy an excellent treatment and many are prepared to renew their contracts at the end.

De Grote Atlas van Nederlands Oost Indie mentions the NV Landbouw Maatschappij Pager Alam and situates it 1- 10 km West of Pageralam. In 1938 this company produced 211,404 kg coffee and 596,002 kg tea. It cultivated an area of 2,732 ha (p.191).

Pagaralam was the main town of the subdepartment Pasemahlanden of the subdepartment Palembang Upperlands of the Residency Palembang. The town is situated at the foot of Goenoeng Dempo (3159 m) and is connected by autoroutes with the other parts of the region (Gonggryp 1934, 1097)