Cy hospital Pasemah

The hospital of the company Pasemah estate was mentioned by the Koloniaal Verslag 1907 (p. 175). De Grote Atlas van Nederlands Oost Indie situates Pas(o)emah estate about 11 km NW of Pageralam. Owner of the estate was the NV Cultuur Maatschappij Timor-Pasoemah, which cultivated coffee and cinchona. The area cultivated was 2,627 ha (191).

The Pasemah-landen were a subdepartment and  district of the department Palembang Upperlands of the Residency Palembang. The inspector BB resided at Pageralam. The Pasemahlands are bordered by the Goenoeng Dempo (3159 m) . The population is malay with strong Javanese  influence.The name Pasoemah is Javanese. The main town Pageralam is situated in a healthy and  cool environment with splendid view of the Dempo and is well connected by auto routes with other parts of the region (Gonggryp 1934, 1149).