Cy hospital Pengarang

This company hospital was established in 1850 and was mentioned in a report of the Director of Public Works of 1877. The hospital belonged to the mining company Oranje-Nassau at Pengaron (Southeast Borneo)

From: Verslag van het beheer en de staat 1858: mentions the following statistics for 1858:
Number present on 1-1-1858: 68. Number admissions 1858: 865; Recovered in 1858: 822; Mortality in the hospital: 51. Number patients present on 31-12-1858: 60.

From: Rapport Directeur Openbare Werken van 1877: Schoute (831) reports about 1877: Sick indigenous patients were admitted, if space permitted, in the hospital of the coalmine establishment Pengarang (Pengaron).

From: Aardrijkskundig en Statistisch Woordenboek letter O:
Oranje Nassau,coalmine in the Southeast Department of Borneo, Realm Bandjermasin, situated near the mountain Pengaron. In August 1848 the exploitation of this rich coalmine  started. In September 1849 GG Rochussen visited the place and gave it the name Oranje-Nassau.  Since 1852, the mine is managed by an Administrateur, supervised by the Resident of SE Borneo and assisted by an Opziener, an Onderopziener, a warehouse manager and other personnel. The Engineers of the Mines are responsible for the exploitation. A military detachment is placed at the Oranje-Nassau mine together with a health officer, who is charged with the civil health duties. Mention is made of an uprising in the realm of Bandjermasin in 1859, by which the organisation of the mine and its production almost perished.

In 1884 the mine was closed as its production was exhausted.