Cy hospital Perbaungan

The Central Hospital Perbaoengan was established before 1918 by the tobacco company of that name.The estate was situated north of Loeboek Pakam.    E. van de Velde: Het hospitaalwezen op Sumatra’s Oostkust (Amsterdam 1918) pag. 20 mentions Perboengan as number 20 of a total of 33 central estatehospitals. B.M. van Driel mentions the hospital as one of the hospitals of the resort Loeboek Pakam: in 1929 the estate had 6,491labourers of whom 59 died ( 9.09 ‰) (Mededeelingen Pathol. 9).

From: Memorie van Overgave 1934: The Government made agreements with the plantation hospitals to nurse patients entitled to hospital care.